The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1075

“What?” Benedict was stunned when he heard what Azure had just said to Alex. Inside his heart was like a stormy sea, with cold breeze blowing all over his body.
Certainly, Trinity International had some powers in California. However, it was far behind compared to Thousand Miles Conglomerate. Plus, Azure was now known as the new king of South California’s underworld. How could he offend the man whom Azure called as his brother?”
“Bro Azure, this… Hehe, it’s just a small misunderstanding.”
“I just invited Ms. Ass*x to have a drink while talking about business.”
Alex shook the wine bottle. “A normal person wouldn’t dare to drink this wine of yours. The amount of drugs inside it is enough to get a sow horny after drinking it.”
‘Damn it!’
Upon hearing it, Azure immediately gave Benedict a big tight slap on his face, knocking off several teeth of his. “How dare you try to drug my ex-sister-in-law?”
“You’re looking for death!”
“Hold him down and beat him!”
The few people brought by Azure immediately pinned Benedict on the ground and violently beat him up until his leg was broken.
Benedict wailed in pain as he yelled, “Azure Storm, how dare you b*stard break my legs? Do you really think that I’m afraid of you? My father-in-law is Jacob Yoder. Just you wait! Don’t ever think about continuing your Thousand Miles Conglomerate in California anymore. And you, don’t ever be the new king of the underworld. I’ll uproot the entire underworld of California.”
Azure laughed. “Mr. Maldini, you must be joking! If your father-in-law, Jacob Yoder, could wipe out the underworld of California, he would have been the mayor of California. Would he still be pressured by others like now and couldn’t even be the deputy mayor?”
Benedict’s word earlier was only for threatening people. He also knew that his father-in-law was not able to clean up Thousand Miles Conglomerate nor wipe out the underworld. Hence, he could only beg once again. However, at this time, his drug began to take effect.
Azure’s men suddenly felt like something was not right as they were beating him. This guy, Benedict Maldini, was still crying bitterly earlier. Then, he actually started smiling. His expression was extremely wretched. He even touched himself with his hands.
“What the hell, Bro Azure? Is this guy sick?”
“Has he become dumb after taking a beating?”
After taking a look, Azure was surprised as well.
Alex said calmly, “He hasn’t become dumb after being beaten. He just took some pills beforehand and now the drugs have begun to take effect.”
Azure asked, “What kind of pills did he take?”
Alex looked at Azure and said, “His kidneys are even weaker than yours. ”
‘Damn it!’ Azure’s expression immediately darkened.
‘Can you not mention me when you’re talking about someone else having kidney deficiency? It’s so embarrassing, okay? I don’t even dare to look for a girlfriend now!’
Azure’s men were also tired of beating and asked, “Bro Azure, what should we do now? The drug’s effect on this guy seems quite strong. I heard that if one takes too much of those pills but doesn’t do that kind of thing whatsoever, he’ll die of overdosing.”
Alex’s expression turned very awful.
He thought that if Dorothy really were to come here to drink the wine alone, the consequences would be unimaginable after drinking it.
Killing such a person would be a bargain for him!
“I remember seeing a dog at the Villa’s entrance when I came in. Azure, bring the dog over here and feed it this wine.”
Azure’s eyes lightened up. He immediately brought the dog over.
Five minutes later, a magical scene happened.
Dorothy felt uncomfortable watching it. She rubbed her brows and said, “I’m feeling a bit unwell. We should leave first!”
Alex nodded his head and gave a few words to Azure. He specifically instructed Azure to have Trinity International paid for a hundred times the compensation for breach of contract.
He still trusted Azure’s ability in doing things. In terms of persecution, he was a man with promising talent. Hence, Alex was willing to give a chance to enhance his strength as well.
“By the way, last time I heard Waltz said that the lawyer lady from the Hauffer family in Michigan has been pursuing you? What do you think? You’re quite old now, you can consider her!” Alex asked while patting Azure on his shoulder as he suddenly remembered about this.
Azure’s expression immediately turned awful.


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