The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1981

Chapter 1981 “You don’t need to apologize.” Colton put his hand on her shoulder. “Spend some time with her. I’ll takecare of the rest.” He turned to leave, but Freyja held onto him.

Colton turned to look at her.

“What’s wrong?” Freyja let go of him, looked away, and pressed her lips together.

“Thank you.” Colton looked at her face and asked, “That’s all you want to say?” Shenodded.

Colton put his hand on the back of her head, pulled her closer, and whispered, “If youreally want to thank me, do it with your actions.” Freyja was stunned, but Colton suddenly kissed her lips.

He kissed her for a long time before he let her go and left the room.

Freyja froze on the spot and could still feel that kiss on her lips.

Meanwhile, after Sandy woke up, her neck hurt.

She realized that she had been lying on the floor for the entire night, then something came to her mind, and sheimmediately opened the door.


Deedee wasn’t there anymore.

Sandy gnashed her teeth.

“Crap!” ’It must have been Coleman Goldmann!’ She didn’t expect he would be able to see through her plans when she was already so cautious.

They waited in silence and took her in broad daylight. , and called the police because her IULIE She remembered something, picked up granddaughter had been kidnapped.

When the police got the report, they sent someone to the hotel to investigate.

Sandy was waiting in the lobby, and when she saw the police officer, she immediately got up and started crying.

“Officer! You need to help me! My granddaughter… she’s been taken. They hit me, I fainted, and they took her.” The police officer calmly said, “Ma’am, calm down.

Tell us what happened.” Sandy told them how she was attacked the night before as she wiped her tears away.

“That’s my granddaughter! I’d rather die if anything happens to her!”

After the police officer took her statement down, he asked, “Do you know who took her?” Sandy was surprised and suddenly looked uneasy.

“I… I wouldn’t dare say.” The police officer was curious.

“Why not? We’ll help you, don’t worry.” Sandy carefully said, “But… it’s the Goldmanns.” The police officer was stunned and looked suspicious.

“What did the Goldmanns do?” The Goldmanns were a big family in Bassburgh.

It sounded absurd that they would kidnap someone’s grandchild.

“Sir, it’s true. I’m not lying.” Sandy was flustered.

“My daughter… She abandoned her child because she wanted to marry one of the Goldmann sons. She neglected her for years, but now she worked with the Goldmanns to take her away. They just threatened me not too long ago. You can check the surveillance footage if you don’t believe me.”

There were cameras in thecorridors of the hotel, so if they looked into it, not only would they see who did it the night before, but they would also see that Colton had met her yesterday.

Even though the police officer didn’t believe her, he had to check the surveillance videos.

He sent someone over to get the videos and questioned the front desk.

The staff confirmed that they had seen Colton at the hotel.

Sandy hid her joy when she walked over to the police officer.

“You heard them. He did come and see me, and I could recognize his men. If you found the footage, you should believe me.” The police officer saw how certain she was aboutit, so he didn’t say anything until the footage was out.


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