The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1982

Chapter 1982 After ten minutes, the police officer who went to get the footage returned. “Sir, I’ve checked the footage and saw Mr.Goldmann came over with a group of people and left soon after that.” Sandy was overwhelmed.

“What about what happened to the footage from yesterday? They attacked me and took my granddaughter!” The police officer looked ather and frowned.

“There’s no footage of you getting attacked.” Sandy’s face dropped.

“No…that’s impossible!” She yelled, “I was attacked yesterday! How could that not have been recorded!? You must be afraid of the Goldmanns and lied to me!”

“Ma’am, you cantake a look for yourself if you don’t believe me.” She immediately walked to the manager, who was holding a tablet.

The footage had a timestamp on-it, and it was showing what happened last night.

There was nothing that showed her being attacked.

Sandy’s face turned white because she couldn’t believe it.

That wasn’t possible!

She could not accept it.

“No! This must have been tampered with!” While the police officers were having a problem dealing with her, a lawyer walked into the hotel lobby.

He saw the people crowding at the front desk and the police, so he understood what had happened.

“Who is Mrs.Pruitt?”

Sandy was angry and had a bad attitude.

“Who are you?” The lawyer walked forward and took out his card.

“I’m a lawyer appointed by the royal family.

Mrs.Pruitt, we suspect that you are involved in child abuse, so we need you to come with us.”

Sandy wasso anxious her blood left her face.

“Nonsense, I don’t abuse children!” After she said that, the lawyer took out a report madeby the hospital.

When the recording started playing, Sandy’s face turned paper white while her eyes filled with hatred.

“This b* tch!” The lawyer heard that and looked stoic.

“Mrs.Pruitt, please come with us.” The police officers took her away.

The police officers who had come because of her police report finally knew that she was the troublemaker.

At the precinct…

Sandy sat in the interrogation room, and even when she was being interrogated, she denied abusing a childand even said that the child had been coerced.

The police weren’t friendly about it.

One of them threw the report on the desk and barked,” Why would a 4-year-old lie?lf you were treating her well, why would she say that you were hitting her? There was a low chance that children so young would lie because their worlds were not as complicated as the adults’.

Most of the time, their words held more truth than the adults’.

Usually, when children lied, they wouldn’t contain as many complicated reasons as compared to adults, and theydid it mostly to get attention.

Children were innocent.

They would cry when you hit them, and if you treat them badly, they would react badly too.

Sandy choked, and her body trembled.

The lawyer stood in the corridor and worked with the police.

He soon received a phone call from Colton and went aside to take it.

“Mr.Goldmann.” Colton asked, “Have you submitted the evidence?” The lawyer replied, “Yes, well be able to go to court the soonest in a week.”

Colton calmlynodded.

“No matter what you do, strip her of her custodial rights and send her to jail for 15 days.


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