The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1076

Azure did not want to talk.
Alex wondered. “What’s with this expression? You are not a homos*xual, right?”
Azure’s lips wriggled and finally said in a jarred voice, “I have bad kidneys.”
“Pfft!” Dorothy couldn’t hold back and laughed out loud.
This made Azure blush even more.
Alex pinched his chin and said, “A bad kidney is indeed a problem. When one wants to use a knife but suddenly finds that the knife is not good for use, it would be quite embarrassing.”
Dorothy quickly pinched him and whispered, “Are you not rubbing salt into another person’s wounds? He is already in bad condition, and you still say that?”
Azure really wanted to find a hole in the ground and drill into it!
“Bro Alex, don’t you guys have something to do? Hurry up and go!”
If they didn’t leave, he even wanted to kill himself.
Alex replied, “Don’t panic. As a grown up man, how can you turn green at the mention of kidney disorder? How about this, I have no way to cure your inborn kidney deficiency now. But, there is a way to help you solve your need of having a girlfriend.”
Dorothy’s eyes widened and seemed to say “Don’t tell me you are doing it for him, right?”
Alex said, “I will prescribe a prescription for you. You could prepare ahead. Whenever you feel that you want to use it, drink the prescription in advance. After drinking the medicine, it can maintain the effect for a day. This will ensure that you are fit and healthy, but also without any toxic side effects.”
Azure was immediately surprised and said, “Bro Alex, are you serious?”
“Why am I lying to you? Quick, get a pen and paper.”
After five minutes, Alex wrote down a prescription and put down the pen. “Take it, but remember, after drinking this medicine, you shall have no alcohol for twenty four hours.”
“Thank you, Bro Alex!”
At a women’s club, several women were doing a full body spa. All of them were young and fair skinned. They were chatting as they were doing it.
At that moment, one of them shrieked, “Ah..! Oh my God, who is this person? He and a dog are actually… Eww, this really disgusts me. How can there be such a disgusting man in this world?”
“Let me see. Let me see. Where did you see this?”
“On Triller!”
“I also browsed it… Oh, my. Ysabel, hurry and take a look. It’s your husband! What’s going on? How long has it been since you and your husband did it? Why is he in a hurry like this, and won’t even let the b*tch go.”
One of the women enjoying the spa with her eyes closed was Benedict Maldini’s wife, Ysabel Yoder. She immediately jumped up after hearing it. She grabbed the phone and took a look Wasn’t the person her husband?
Moreover, the account that uploaded the video was her husband’s.
“I think he’s crazy!”
Ysabel was so angry that she almost fainted. She quickly stopped her spa and hurriedly went out.
A few little sisters, on the other hand, were whispering and laughing delicately.
Among the group of sisters, Ysabel’s status was the highest. Not only did she have a father who was a local officer in charge of commerce and industry in California, but she also had a husband with a net worth tens of billions of dollars. During gatherings in normal times, all of them looked up to Ysabel and followed her lead. She was usually domineering and arrogant. If she said one, others dared not say two. Privately, Ysabel was very unpopular among the sisters.
When Ysabel returned to the villa, Azure and the others had long since left but she found that her father, Jacob Yoder was actually inside.
As soon as she entered the villa, she fiercely smashed Benedict’s face with her expensive bag. “Maldini! Were you possessed by a ghost? How could you do something like this with a dog? Why don’t you go and die?”
Jacob was also very angry.
With such a scandal from his son-in-law, he was mocked in his unit too. It would even affect his image and future. If he couldn’t even manage his family well, how could he have any capability to manage the matters of the people in California?
“Benedict Maldini, you must give me an answer today!” Jacob said angrily.


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