The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1983

Chapter 1983 The lawyer said, “Don’t worry, I’m confident in winning this one.” Meanwhile, at the hospital… Deedee slowly started looking more cheerful with Freyja byher side.

Freyja was afraid that her mother would have traumatized Deedee, so she took counseling very seriously.

Daisie showed up at the door with a little cake, then knocked.

Freyja turned around and smiled.

“Deedee, this is Aunt Daisie. Say hello.” Deedee no longer remembered Daisie, but she wasn’t as shy as she was before.

“Hello.” Daisie walked to the bed, placed the little cake down, smiled, and said, “I got you this little cake because Aunt Fey saysyou love them.” When she saw Daisie open up the box, Deedee stared at the six slices of chocolate cake and started to salivate.

“Can I have some?” she cautiously asked.

Freyja was stunned when she heard that.

Maybe it was because of Sandy that Deedee had become afraid.

Daisie smiled.

“Of course you can. I got it for you. Here, have some.” Daisie handed a slice to her, and Deedee took it.

Deedee licked it and got some cream on the corner of her mouth.

Daisie looked at her while resting her face on her hands.

“Do you like it?”

She nodded.

“Yes.” Freyja put out her hand, played with her hair, and looked toward Daisie.

“How do you have time to visit?” Daisie leaned back on the chair.

“After rejecting a job, I have a lot of time on my hands.” Freyja smiled and didn’t speak.

Daisie suddenly asked.

“Will Deedee stay with you after she’s discharged?” She paused and nodded.

“That’s the only place she could stay.” Sandy might get her hands on Deedee if she weren’t with Freyja.

Naturally, Freyja wouldn’t let Deedee go through the same childhood.

After a week, the court went into session.

The news that Colton had sued Sandy shook Bassburgh.

The reporters waiting outside were curiously discussing it.

“This woman the Goldmanns brought to court, is she the same person who launched a smear campaign on Coleman Goldmann’sgirlfriend?” “They did so much to bring her to court.

She must have done something terrible.” During the session…

When the court stripped Sandy of her custodial rights over Deedee, she stood up angrily and snarled, “What do you mean!? She’s my granddaughter’How could you take her away from me!?” Two guards held her back into her seat.

She clenched her jaw while she glared at Colton, who was in the plaintiff’s box.

“Coleman Goldmann! Who are you to interfere in my family’s affairs? I’m from Yaramoor! Zlokova’s laws don’t apply to me!” The lawyer replied, “That doesn’t change anything.

You committed a crime in Zlokova, so you’ll be punished by our law.

Is child abuse and stripping a child of her freedom not illegal in Yaramoor?” Sandy’s pupils shrank while she shook.

“No… You can’t do this to me.

I’m Fey’s mother!” Colton chuckled and picked up a document on the desk.

“Other than Deedee’s custody rights, Freyja will no longer have any relations with you.

From now on, she will be a citizen of Zlokova, a member of the Goldmann family.” Everyone heardthat and gasped.

Colton was announcing good news.

If Freyja married him, she would become a citizen of Zlokova.


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