The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1077

Benedict sat on the ground, with a face that wanted to die.
At this moment, his whole body was in pain and his mind was groggy. The pain, especially his bottom, was so numbing that he had almost no feeling. After all, the dog that he raised at home was a husky!
Of course, if it was only because of the pill he took beforehand, there would be no such effect.
The key was that one of the followers under Azure. At that time, he felt that Benedict’s physical state was not ideal enough, so he fed him with more drugs. It was unknown about his usual activities, he actually carried a large bottle of imported Spanish drugs with. He gave Benedict three pills directly.
Then, he was supercharged.
After the effect of the medicine, he felt as if he had shedded a layer of skin. The broken leg was also very painful.
“Dad, Ysabel, of course I wouldn’t do such a thing myself. I was coerced, I was framed. It was Azure Storm from Thousand Miles Conglomerate, he fed me the drug… Oooooh, I’m in so much pain. Ysabel, hurry up and take me to the hospital, okay? I’m afraid of getting sick!”
Ysabel was very furious. “What hospital to go to? You still think you’re not embarrassed enough? What are you going to say when you’re at the hospital? Are you going to say that you were f*cked by a female husky? You have no dignity, but I still have mine! My father has his dignity too!”
Jacob’s face was gloomy.
His anger was stronger than his daughter.
Thinking about a few moments ago, when he was attending a certain tea party, there were a lot of colleagues next to him. Suddenly, it was unknown who swiped a video. At a glance, it was actually his son-in-law. The scene at that time was so awkward.
The key was, Johnny Summers, the mayor of California was also present at that time.
He saw it too.
He also said with concern, “Bro Jacob, the lives of Californians are of course always the first. But, the physical and mental health of the family members are also quite important. We are the people’s public servants and we need to set a good example. The spread of such a matter will destroy the image of public servants in the minds of the Californians. This is very bad, how about you hurry and go back to deal with it? You should send him to the hospital, it can’t be delayed!”
Then, Jacob left the tea party midway under the strange gaze of many colleagues. He even saw a few political enemies with teasing smiles.
“It’s actually Thousand Miles Conglomerate!”
Jacob’s mouth was crooked with anger. “Why did the people from Thousand Miles Conglomerate target you?”
“It’s because… My Trinity International recently signed a contract. But, I later found out that the other party was not qualified, so I proposed to cancel it. I did not expect the other party to know the people from Thousand Miles Conglomerate, so that’s why…”
He did not dare to say that he coveted Dorothy’s beauty. He was afraid of being harshly beaten up by the father and daughter of the Yoder family.
However, Jacob slapped him on the face right away. “B*stard, it’s already this time, yet you still have not told me the truth. Say, what exactly is going on?”
Ysabel said, “Dad, why are you hitting him? Didn’t he just say it already?”
Jacob coldly glared at his daughter. “Hmm, I think you’ve become dumb after doing beauty treatments all day long! Look at this table, there is red wine, candles, and roses. Can’t you see it? This must be related to women!”
Ysabel was not very smart initially.
At this time, after being reminded by her father, she was immediately stunned. After a second, her anger was completely ignited. She kicked and punched Benedict hysterically.
Jacob said, “You couldn’t be snatching a woman from Thousand Miles’s Azure, right?”
“No, absolutely not.”
“You don’t want to talk about it? Alright! In that case, I cannot help you either. I, Jacob Yoder, can still distinguish between good and bad. I can’t tolerate those things that you’ve done anymore, then I will let the police intervene!”
When this statement was made, Benedict was shocked.
It was inseparable from his father-in-law’s help that his Trinity International could develop so fast and he could earn tens of billions of dollars at such a young age. At the same time, he was also backed by his father-in-law to take advantage of the market by force and trickery. If the police were to intervene in the investigation, he would at least have to be jailed for several decades.
Hence he had no choice but to explain everything in detail out of desperation.
Then, Benedict also mentioned that he had paid Dorothy-Alex Constructions the hundred times of the compensation for the breach of contract. A total of five hundred million dollars were knocked off by Azure.
“What? You flirted with another woman behind my back and got knocked off five hundred million dollars?” Ysabel shrieked.
Jacob slammed his hand on the table, “That’s outrageous! Under a clear sky and bright day, a small company like Dorothy-Alex Constructions dared to take so much money. I will let her spit out ten or a hundred times the amount!”


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