The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1984

Chapter 1984 For a woman, the family she married into wouldn’t be as close as her own family, but if Colton wanted his future wife to cutties with her own family, how bad must that family be? Sandy was still trembling as her expression changed.

“What did you say!?”

Colton looked at her coldly.

“You keep calling Freyja your daughter, but what have you ever done for her as a mother? “You neglected her just because she was a daughter instead of a son and did not carry out your duties as a mother.

You would rather smear her reputation, so how dare you call yourself her mother?” Everyone started chattering.

Freyja was just ‘exposed1 for ‘leaving her daughter1 so she could marry into the Goldmann family.

That informant was her own mother!? Sandy lost her mind.

“So what? She came from me, and I gave her life, so I get to decide ifshe lives or dies!11 No one in court could stand that anymore.

How could a mother think that just because she gave her child life, she would have the right to takeit away too? Colton smirked.

“Deedee is your son’s child.

To ensure that your son had a bright future, you let him abandon the child and gave the child to your daughter, who was just goingto college.

You even made her take a year off from school to take care of the child, making people think she’sa filthy woman.

“From what I know, you wanted to get rid of her when you were pregnant with herupon finding out she was a girl.

Your husband had to beg you to keep her.

And even then, after her birth, you let the helpers take care of her and never even carried her.

“To you, a son was like treasure, and a daughter was just weed.

If Deedee were a grandson, you would take so much care of her.

However, she was a girl, so you couldn’t wait to get rid of her.

Your twisted mindset must have stemmed from your background.11 Sandy was triggered when she heard him bring up her background and yelled, “Shut your mouth!”

Colton crossed his armsand chuckled.

“Am I wrong? Your mother was an illegitimate wife of the king of Yaramoor, so you’re an illegitimate daughter.

You wanted a son because you thought he could help you get your power back, soyou put all your hopes on him.

Ken ended where he did because of a twisted mother like you.

“You didn’t even have a bad life.

Your mother was loved more than the queen, and if it weren’t for what happened to the Knowles and the king feeling guilty, the king might have acknowledged Ken.

Too bad his future crumbled in your hands.11 Colton had looked into the history of the royal family.

Freyja’s grandnother was the king’s second wife but had the king’s love for eight years.

Since the queen was the daughter of a duke, the king had to live with anarranged marriage before ascending to the throne.

The king hadn’t married the queen out of love but for power.

On the other hand, it was love at first sight with Freyja’s grandmother.

If the king were a commoner, they would have had a happy family.

The king loved Freyja’s grandmother and took great care of her.

Even after what happened to the Knowles, his grandson, Noilace, had almost died in the hands of kidnappers because he was taking care ofhis illegitimate lover.

That was why the king felt guilty and had to acknowledge Noilace as his grandson, as reparation for the Knowles.


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