The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1078

At the pedestrian street next to Willow Lake in California, Alex took Dorothy’s hand and slowly walked in the crowd.
Dorothy saw Alex was in a bad mood, so she asked, “What’s wrong with you? With such a troubled face, are you missing your superstar wife? I, the poor woman whose husband has been stolen, haven’t even sighed!”
Alex shook his head. “It’s not because of this, I remembered my dad!”
“Your dad… Have you found out any information lately?”
“Do you still remember that on the day we got married, my parents had a car accident and then, John Rockefeller jumped out to accuse my father of corruption and bribery, collusion with the Japanese, collaboration with the enemy and treason… At that
time, the person who came to sit on this unjust case and nail my father to the pillar of shame was Jacob Yoder!”
Dorothy was startled. “I remembered that officer. Indeed, his last name was Yoder.”
Alex then smiled to himself. “But, do you know? I recently found out some more information. My father was once the chief instructor of a certain special operation unit in America, called the Hidden Dragon.”
Dorothy’s eyes were about to pop out. “A-are you sure what you found out is true?”
Alex nodded. “It’s true, I also found a captain of the Hidden Dragon whom I met back then. She admitted it herself.”
“That means that our dad would never collaborate with the enemy and sell out the country.”
“But Jacob Yoder just did that. I don’t care who instructed him in the end, I must, clear my dad’s name!” Alex’s gaze was deep as he looked at the crowd in front of him, “We knocked so much money out of his son-in-law and even posted that kind of video on the internet. Jacob Yoder must be furious and will strike against Dorothy-Alex Constructions.”
Dorothy said, “I’ll wait for him to do it.”
Alex nodded.
As the two walked, they suddenly bumped into someone.
“Dorothy, Rockefeller… Mr. Rockefeller? You guys, haven’t you guys been..?”
Unexpectedly, they could still bump into Sharpay on the pedestrian street at such a late night.
Sharpay was stunned to see the two holding hands, with their fingers interlocked, just like a couple. Weren’t they already divorced?
Could it be that they were back together?
“Sharpay, it’s you. Are you shopping with friends?” Alex said indifferently. Ever since his cultivation had reached Divine Transcendence, he was now quite anticipating that group of people lurking in the dark to jump out, so that it would save him from beating his brain to check everywhere.
However, ever since Dorothy’s divorce, not a single killer had come.
Even the ninjas of Gokudo Soshiki had not bothered to assassinate her.
It was really strange.
Therefore, his vigilance was gradually lowered and his relationship with Dorothy was not so secretive anymore. Instead, the biggest reason not to remarry was because of that lunatic, Claire Ass*x!
Sharpay slowly returned to normal after the shock. She nodded and said, “Yes.”
Alex said, “Then, you guys take your time to shop… By the way, tonight, just pretend that you have not seen us, can you?”
Sharpay nodded again. In the end, she asked reluctantly, “So, are you guys preparing to remarry?”
Dorothy said, “No, we are just ordinary friends.”
Sharpay pouted, ‘I don’ t believe you!’
At nine o’clock in the morning on the next day, a dozen official vehicles drove into Dorothy-Alex Constructions. They were people from the department of industry and commerce, fire brigade, health department, taxation department, and so on. The group of people rushed into the company gate, scaring the receptionists inside till their legs shook with fright.
And, the leader was surprisingly a woman, she was Ysabel Yoder!
She had a fierce glint in her eyes.
“Seal this place for me!”
“Where’s Dorothy Ass*x? Tell her to get the hell out!”


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