The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1079

A huge fuss was made at Dorothy-Alex Constructions. At this time, it happened that Anderson Ass*x and Emma Ass*x belonging to Ass*x Constructions, were attending a certain work meeting over here at Dorothy-Alex Constructions. It was because since Dorothy took control of Ass*x Constructions and merged the two companies, Dorothy-Alex Constructions had become the leader. All the directors or the senior management had to come over here for meetings.
Ysabel came with all kinds of people from the major departments in California. They also immediately startled the attendees who were in the meeting. They ran out to check the situation and preside over the overall situation. As a result, they were all strumed after running out to take a look.
“Boy, with this lineup, I’m afraid that Dorothy-Alex Constructions will lose big time!” Shocked, Emma was wide eyed, but she was secretly happy. She was very unsatisfied with Dorothy.
Behind her back, she even cursed her, hoping that she would be hit by a car when she went outside, got severely ill without being able to get off the bed and died in a flash!
Now, when she saw that Dorothy was going to suffer a great misfortune, she almost laughed out loud.
At this time, Anderson whispered, “I know this woman. She seems to be the only daughter of the deputy mayor, Jacob Yoder. It’s strange, why did she and Dorothy cross paths? Moreover, she also brought so many people over to seal the business.”
Emma said, “Hmph, it must be this arrogant b*tch, Dorothy Ass*x. After forcibly snatching Ass*x Conglomerate from our hands, she must have forgotten her last name. Just look at her usual appearance, she thinks that she is the queen! She doesn’t even think about it. Whether it’s Ass*x Conglomerate or Dorothy-Alex Constructions, how could they possibly become hers if it weren’t for that b*stard Alex Rockefeller deceived us in the first place? She’s great. She divorced Alex after getting Ass*x Conglomerate, as if she was afraid of Alex stealing her fortune. Such a woman is destined to not end well.”
Anderson laughed. “Let her do it! Her divorce with Alex Rockefeller is good for us. That psychopath, Alex Rockefeller is too scary when he hits people. Dorothy alone would not be enough to be feared! Your eldest uncle is already secretly plotting to get back the power of the Ass*x Conglomerate. Now that she is jumping like this, it is a good thing. We will just watch the show.”
During the time that the two people were whispering, officers from various functional departments had been continuously issuing fines.
“Cleanliness failed. From now on, close the business and conduct rectification for a month!”
“Firefighting failed. Shut down the business for rectification until your company passes the inspection!”
“Someone reported that your company made false accounts, we want to check the accounts!”
These notices were written out, stamped on the spot and posted on the glass door. The industry and commerce department also took out the barricade tape and began to seal the door.
In addition, the people in uniform also began to drive away the staff of Dorothy-Alex Constructions, not allowing them to work normally.
At this time, a woman wearing an office suit ran out, she was Dorothy’s secretary, Christy.
She sternly shouted, “Are you sure you are not here to make a joke? You have not even entered the door, yet you already ruled that our company is unqualified for various aspects and issued all kinds of shutdown notices for rectification. Who gave you the right to do so? You have to be aware that you guys are wearing various uniforms, representing the functional departments. By doing these, aren’t you afraid of being dismissed?”
“Who are you?” Ysabel walked over and stared coldly at Christy.
“I am the secretary of Ms. Ass*x, Chris…”
Before she could finish a sentence, Ysabel slapped Christy hard on the face.
The crisp sound of the slap caused many people in Dorothy-Alex Constructions to tremble.
“Who are you to come here and tell us what to do? I said that you have to shut down for rectification, then you have to shut down for rectification. What about it? Do you have an opinion?”
Ysabel’s unparalleled arrogance and domineering aura forced Christy to retreat backwards consecutively.
At this moment, a cold voice rang out. “I have an opinion!”
The voice came from the elevator.
The crowd looked over there. It was the CEO, Dorothy Ass*x. Wearing a decent white professional outfit, she walked with long and slender legs and came out from the elevator entrance.
She was followed by a young man behind.
The youth was relaxed. He was still holding a box of yogurt in his hand and drinking it with a straw in a purr. From the sound that came out, it could be concluded that the yogurt had reached the bottom but he was still sucking it hard, as if he could not afford to waste it.
The whole image completely destroyed the aura of Dorothy’s appearance.


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