The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1985

Chapter 1985 Also, even though Sandy was an illegitimate child, the king had never mistreated her. Still, she wasn’t happy about that and even taught her son to try totake the throne from the Knowles.

Ken’s future and the king’s disgust were both caused by her ambition.

Sandy covered her ears.

“That’s b*llshit! I won’t admit to that! My son didn’t die because of me! No way…” Unfortunately, it didn’t matter if she admitted to it.

It was the truth.

The court sentenced her to 15 days in jail.

After serving her time, she would be deported and never allowed to re-enter the country.

#The girlfriend of Coleman Goldmann has a shocking past #

#The child’s identity has been confirmed.

She’s her niece# The news outlets immediately announced the court’s verdict, and the rumors of Freyja’ abandoning her daughter’ to marry intothe Goldmann family were proven to be false.

Even the people who had been cursing Freyja online started apologizing to her.

Most people were shocked about who she really was.

She wasn’t just Daisie’s assistant-she was the granddaughter of His Majesty the King of Yaramoor!

Some netizens even joked that marrying into the Goldmann family was so hardthat you had to be a royal to get in.

That night, at the Seaview Villa…

Freyja tucked Deedee in bed, turned off the lights, and left the room.

She saw that the lights in the living room were still on, so she went down and saw Colton sitting at the table and swirling thewine in his glass.

She walked toward him.

“You’re still up.”

He slowly took a sip.

“Did you not see the news?” “I did,” she said but didn’t continue.

Colton frowned, said ’Oh’, and didn’t know why it felt awkward.

Freyja crossed her arms.

“Are you waiting for this?” He looked away.

“For what?” She stifled a laugh.

“For me to thank you in tears of joy.” It was all over his face-she wasn’t blind.

Colton placed the glass down and turned to face her.

“You can skip the tears.” Freyja looked down and smiled.

“But, I should really thank you.” Colton was going to say something but Freyja guessed it and suddenly leaned in and kissed him on the cheek.

Before he could react, she had already gone upstairs.

Colton touched the part where he was ’attacked’ and chuckled.

“Good job.” He finished his wine and went to the bedroom.

When he tried to open the door, he realized that it was locked.

He covered his face and chuckled.

“Freyja Pruitt, you’re thanking me by locking me out?” Freyja leaned against the door on the other side and smiled.

“I’m pregnant.

It’s for the baby’s


Colton was rendered speechless.

Freyja heard no sound coming from the other side of the door, so she pressed her ear against it.

‘Did he leave?’ She opened the door, and the man standing on the other side took the opportunity and squeezed in.

Before she could react, she was already pressed against the wall, and her lips were warm.

Colton held his kiss for a long time before hugging her.

“How could you lock me outside? I need to punish you.”

Freyja blushed and turned herface away while she mumbled, “You’re handsy when you sleep.” Colton chuckled.

“I can’t do anything to you, but I can’t even touch?”

Freyja choked, “Colton, you’re shameless!”

Colton smiled.

“Likewise.” Freyja suddenly hugged him, which made him freeze and look away.


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