The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1987

Chapter 1987 Daisie smacked her lips and went to wash her hands. While she was washing her hands, Noilace had already finished serving the table.

Daisie took a bite from his stew.

The meat melted in her mouth like ice cream.

Not only was it tender, but it tasted good as well.

It was not greasy, and this was the best stew she had ever had.

Noilace looked at her.

“How is it?” While munching on the stew, she nodded.

“It’s delicious.”

Noilace pinched her cheek and smiled adoringly.

“Then eat them all. These are all yours.”

She was stunned.

“They’re all for me?”

He smiled.

“It’s to celebrate you for getting the role that you want.”

Daisie bit her fork and asked, “You’re interested in thingslike this too?” “Yeah.

I’m interested in everything that’s related to you,” Noilace replied as he popped a piece of meat onto her plate.

Her eyelashes fluttered, and her heart melted.

She did not know why, but she felt that she owed Noilace something.

Perhaps it was because they were already married, but she did not seem to be doing her duty as a wife.

Noilace had done everything for her, but what about her? “Nolly, I…” Noilace’s phone rang, cutting her short.

He took a look at his phone and answered the call.” Yeah?”

The person on the other side of the call seemed to have said something, so Nollacesuddenly rose to his feet and went outside to continue the call.

Daisie noticed the slight change in his expression.

It seemed serious, and she wondered what had happened.

Noilace went to the courtyard and continued his conversation with Edison.

“What do you mean by they didn’t send her to the airport?” Edison replied, “Originally, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent someone to receive Mrs.Pruitt today to repatriate her to her country.

But for some reason, they didn’t send her to the airport at all.

We approached the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but the people from the Ministry said that they didn’t receive Mrs.Pruitt.”

Noilace’s gaze turned cold.

“It seems like someone impersonated the people from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and took her away beforethey could.” “What should we do now?” Edison asked worriedly.

“If Mrs.Pruitt is still in Zlokova and if those people are her helpers, then…”

“Only one person can help her, and that person is Donald,” Noilace replied indifferently.

“Does Donald know that you’re in Zlokova?” “Well, it doesn’t matter if he knows I’m in Zlokova or not.

We still have to face him eventually,” Noilace said, his voice cold and his face expressionless.

“If she refuses to return to her country, we just need to use her as bait to lure the snakeout of the hole.

It’d be good if we could get rid of them together.”

Meanwhile, in a small townnear the sea in the south of Rowerl City…

Sandy checked herself into a simple rental house.

The house was clean, but the furniture was old.

Even the bed was a normal wooden bed.

She put her baggage down and asked disgustingly.

“How long am I going to stay here?” The man standing in front of the doorreplied, “Well, you’ll need to ask Mr.

Matthews about that.”

Sandy continued impatiently.

“Where is Mr.Matthews? I need his help.” The man let out a cold smirk.

“You’re the one who needs his help, not him.

You need to be clear about that.” He snuffed out his cigarette and walked into the room.

“Mr.Matthews isn’t happy with you this time.

How could you offend the Goldmanns as soon as you arrived at Bassburgh? Are you out of your mind?” Sandy was shaking fromher anger as she shouted, “It’s the Goldmanns who— Ugh!” The man grabbed her neck and hissed.

“Mr.Matthews just wants to know if Noilace.

Knowles is in Zlokova or not.

He doesn’t care about other things.

If you dare to spoil his plan again, he won’t mind sending you to reconcile with your sondown there.” The man released Sandy and walked out of the room.


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