The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1986

Chapter 1986 Freyja pressed her cheek against Colton’s chest and listened to his

heartbeat. “Let me hug you. for a while.”

Colton lowered his head tolook at the woman in his arms.

This was also the first time she showed her dependence on him.

“Colton, I used to think that you were arrogant in the past.

You had a bad attitude, and someone like you will never put yourself in other shoes.” He frowned.

“Someone like me what,” “But it seems like I was wrong.” Freyja lifted her head to look athim and smiled.

“Other than the fact that you can’t speak, you’re a good man.”

Colton squinted.

“Is this a compliment or a negative comment?” She smiled.

“It’s both.” Colton carried her to the bed and laid her down.

He tucked her into the bed and said, “Then take good care of the little baby in your womb.

After it comes out, I’m going to settle the score with its mother.” Freyja smiled as she looked at him.

Soon, half a month passed.

The voting poll for the role “Nancy Hanks” had come to an end.

Daisie got the role with 30,000 votes over Zoey.

The investor wanted Zoey over Daisie for the role, but there was nothing they could do right now.

After all, the result of the voting poll showed that the netizens preferred Daisie to play the role.

If they insisted on choosing Zoey, the public might not accept it after the series was developed

At Tenet…

Charlie handed the contract to her and said, “Just as you wish, the role is yours.

The public has high expectations of you, so don’t let them down.”

Daisie took over the contract and chuckled.

“Don’t worry.

I won’t.” When she left the office with the contract, she received a call from Shannon.

“Daisie, congratulations on getting the role.

I’m looking forward to working with you.” Daisie replied respectfully, “Thank you, Mr.Fallon.

I might not have gotten the role if it – hadn’t been for you.”

Shannon laughed and replied, “I knew you would do agood job, so I gave the script to Mr.Jackson.

It seems like I was right.

By the way, are you free tomorrow?” “Is there anything?” She stopped in front of the elevator.

“I heard that there is a new investor.

He’s going to invest S30,000,000 into our project.

I heard that he has a lot of expectations of us, so if you’re free tomorrow, I want to introduce you to him.”

Daisie said yes to Shannon’sinvitation.

After all, she was the leading role, and she saw no reason for her not to have a meal with the investor.

In the afternoon, Daisie went back to Taylorton with the script.

As soon as she stepped into the house, her nostrils were tickled by the fragrance inthe air.

She walked toward the kitchen and saw Noilace was preparing lunch.

Even though he was wearing a casual shirt, he still couldn’t hide away the fact that hewas a handsome man.

People always said that fine clothes made the man, but this did not apply to Noilace.

Even if he was dressed like a beggar, he would still look like a descendant of a prestigiousfamily.

She walked forward and took a sniff.

“It smells good.” Noilace turned his head around to look at her.

“You’re back.” She walked up to him and wrapped her arms around him from the back.

Poking her head out, she asked, “Have you been home the whole time?” “Yeah,” he replied.

He put the stew onto a plate and continued.

“I didn’t have anything to do.

My wife is working so hard with her career, so I can only be a househusband.” ‘Househusband.


“Well, it seems like I’ve married a gentleman.” Noilace turned around and pulled her into his arms.

He kissed her forehead and continued.

” Alright, stop teasing me.I still have to cook.” She blinked her eyes and went out to the dining room.

After Noilace brought the dishes to the table, Daisie couldn’t resist anymore and took up her fork, only to be smacked by Noilace.


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