The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1080

He was none other than Alex Rockefeller.
“Huh? Why is the rubbish Rockefeller here? Didn’t he already get divorced?” Emma whispered softly in surprise with shocked expression.
Anderson was also taken aback and subconsciously shrank his neck. He was scared of Alex’s beating.
Although Emma‘s voice was soft, Alex heard every word in his ears. He turned his head towards her and took a glance at her.
This glance that carried an overpowering might instantly shook Emma, as if she had fallen into the ice cellar. A chill rushed from the soles of her feet straight to her brain.
“Are you Dorothy Ass*x?”
Ysabel looked at Dorothy, who walked in front of her, with a hostile face.
As the two stood together, the difference was obvious in that instant.
Not only was Dorothy half a head taller than her, but she even far surpassed her regardless of the facial features, figure and temperament, causing her to look like an ugly duckling by standing at the side. This made Ysabel filled with uncontrollable envy, jealousy and hatred inside her heart.
No matter how much cosmetics she used or how many spas she did, she could not be compared with Dorothy’s natural beauty.
It was no wonder that her husband, Benedict Maldini lusted after her.
Dorothy said, “That’s right, I am Dorothy Ass*x. Who are you? Show your credentials and let me see whether you are qualified to dictate me here.”
Ysabel was furious by Dorothy’s words.
She tilted her chin up and said, “My last name is Yoder, that’s my qualification! To a poorly born woman like you, I am an existence that you can’t afford to mess with, let alone to offend! Hmph, aren’t you just relying on your beauty, selling it among the men and relying on their charity, to sit in this CEO position? In the end, you are just a toy for men! How dare a b*tch like you blackmail my husband? Where did you get the courage to do so?”
Ysabel’s words were unpleasant to hear and vicious.
Many people at the scene looked at Dorothy with eyes that were full of contempt as well as ill intentioned fantasies.
Particularly, Emma and her father were about to burst into laughter in their hearts.
At this moment, a big slap fiercely smacked on Ysabel’s face.
The crowd was shocked. It was Dorothy herself who took the action.
With this slap, she spun around in a circle in place and opened her mouth to spit out three teeth. She held the three large teeth in her hand, with her face flushed and swollen. She hideously shouted, “You man seducing b*tch, how dare you hit me?”
Dorothy raised her hand and smacked again.
Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!
It was another four slaps with forehead and backhand. “Your parents did not teach you how to behave, I shall teach you!”
This time, Ysabel’s nose was broken. Blood flowed from her nose. She looked incomparably wretched.
She was stunned by the blows.
Emma rushed up at this time and shouted, “Dorothy Ass*x, are you crazy? She is Jacob Yoder’s daughter. How dare you even hit her? Aren’t you afraid of dragging down the company? Don’t bring the trouble that you caused by hooking up with men outside to the company, okay? How can you be qualified to be the CEO of the company if you are like this?”
As soon her voice fell, a harsh slap from Dorothy heavily landed on Emma’s face, sending her entire body flying.
“Emma Ass*x, letting you stay in the company is my kindness towards you. You better don’t have any misunderstandings. Whether it’s Ass*x Conglomerate or Dorothy-Alex Constructions, all of them are under the absolute control of me, Dorothy Ass*x. Even if I shut down the company and burn it down with fire, it’ll not be your turn to give comments and opinions.”


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