The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1988

Chapter 1988 Sandy lost her balance and fell to the floor. Her entire body was trembling nonstopin fear. When Colton learned that Sandy was still in Zlokova, he hastily sent someone to look for her.

Meanwhile, the police had put Sandy on the list of people wanted for illegal entry.

When Freyja passed by the study room with Deedee, she overheard Colton and Leonardo’s conversation.

She tightened her grip on Deedee when she learned that her mother was still in Zlokova.

Deedee raised her head to look at her and said in a low voice, “Aunt Freyja, you’re hurting me.”

Freyja snapped herselfback to reality and loosened her grip a little bit.

Leaning forward, she touched her hand and said, “I’m sorry. Does it still hurt?”

She shook her head.

“Not anymore.” Leonardo suddenly opened the door at that moment, and both of them were startled.

“Ms. Pruitt?” he said.

Colton raised his head and looked toward the door.

Freyja met his gaze and lowered her head to say to Deedee.

“Go back to your room first. I’ll come to look for you later.” Deedee returned to her room obediently.

Leonardo felt they might want to talk about something, so he left.

Freyja entered the study and said, “I didn’t mean to eavesdrop on your conversation.” Colton leaned against the desk and asked, “Are you worried?” Freyja knew he was talking about her mother.

She lowered her head and asked, “Did she run away?” Frowning, Colton replied, “I guess someone is helping her.

Besides, I’m sure you’re not her only target.” Initially, he assumed Sandy was there for Freyja, but if that was the case, she would no longerhave any reason to stay in Zlokova.

After all, it would be considered an illegal entry if she continued to stay in Zlokova.

If she did not obey and leave the country, she would be forcibly deported eventually.

If she wanted to fight against the Goldmanns all by herself, it would be like throwing straws against the wind.

After learning that she was taken away by someone posing as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ staff, he realized that Sandy was supported by someone from the dark,and that person was never meant to go against the Goldmanns.

If their target was the Goldmanns, they would have started from Freyja instead of using Deedee’s background to falsely accuse Freyja.

Therefore, he was certain that Sandy and the people behind her were targeting another person.

It was not the Goldmanns, nor was it Freyja, but…

Freyja suddenly said, “It’s Noilace, right?” Colton pressed his lips tightly and did not say anything.

If Freyja could guess it, it went without saying that he could guess it as well.

Frevja took a deep breath and continued.

“I knew it. It must be because of Ken’s death. My mother hates Nollace to the core because of my brother.”

Colton grabbed her into his armsand smoothed out her tightly furrowed brows.

“Don’t worry about what you shouldn’t worry about.

You just need to take care of yourself.” She was stunned.

“But he’s your brother-in-law.”

Colton chuckled.

“If he can’t even solve something like this, do you think my parents will let him marry my sister? He isn’t an idiot at all.”

“You made it as ifyou’re such a smarty,” mumbled Freyja.

Colton squinted.

“What did you say?” She freed herself from his arms and said, “Nothing.

I’ll go look after Deedee now.” Colton hugged her from the back and buried his face into her hair.

“Do you really want to raise Deedee?” At night, the food street was lively and filled with allkinds of snacks on both sides of the alley.

Daisie and Nollace were slaloming among the crowd.

She was wearing a hat and a facial mask, leaving only her pair of clear eyes out in theair.

She just put on a sweater and a pair of black sandals when they came out.

Nollace did not wear his usual suit and leather shoes either.

Instead, he was dressed in casual sportswear that made him look youthful.


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