The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1082

“Hmph!” Alex snorted coldly. “I gave you a chance!”
He ferociously threw out a punch at the dozen uniformed men charging towards him.
An overwhelming force swept away the charging men. In the next second, the dozen uniformed men were sent flying.
“What is going on?!”
“He sent a dozen men flying with just a single punch. Could it be that Bro Alex is a martial expert?!”
Many people in Dorothy-Alex Constructions who knew Alex were all stunned. This kind of scene that could only be seen in martial arts series actually happened right in front of their eyes!
That lap dog from the Yoder family dropped his glasses in shock and was dumbfounded with his mouth agape. However, he turned into an ass in a lion’s skin. “You dared to openly attack people from the official workplace, you’re done for. America is a society that is ruled by the laws. Do you think that you could do whatever you want, just because you have a bit of martial arts skills?”
Alex walked forward and lashed out with a kick.
The entire place was as quiet as a cicada in winter, with a dead silence.
In the eyes of many people, Alex was digging his own grave by testing the limit of the laws.
It was already wrong to beat someone up. Once the police were called, there was a high probability that he would go to prison. Moreover, he had beaten up an official. How would the person let him off the hook?
Some of the senior executives of Dorothy-Alex constructions shook their heads secretly and couldn’t help but think, ‘Alex Rockefeller seems to be helping Dorothy Ass*x but he doesn’t know that he’s hurting her instead. When the official investigation comes, Dorothy Ass*x wouldn’t be able to get rid of the connection.’
Soon, someone approached Dorothy quietly and said with a panicked expression, “Ms. Ass*x, hurry and stop him. If this goes on, we’ll be in deep trouble.”
Dorothy was indifferent as she asked, “What kind of big trouble could happen?”
The person said, “These people are all officials. If just any of them gets in the way of our company by underhanded means, we’d suffer some serious setbacks. There’s a saying that citizens shouldn’t fight with the officials because they won’t be able to win against them. When the time comes, Dorothy-Alex Constructions could only close down for real.”
To his surprise, Dorothy replied, “It doesn’t matter. It just so happens that I’m a little tired of this company. It would be best if it gets shut down anyway.”
The person suddenly had a look of having constipation. ‘Ms. Ass*x, are you for real?!’
As for Alex, he directly beckoned Ysabel over and grabbed her by her hair.
“Are you Jacob Yoder’s daughter?”
“That’s right! Let me go, you bast*rd! Who the hell are you, and what do you want?!”
“Who am I? Looks like your husband didn’t tell you properly!” Alex suddenly smiled. “I’m the one who came up with the idea yesterday to have your husband and that b*tch play the game.”
“Huh? Bast*rd, so it’s you!”
“You should thank me. Your husband was the one who ate that kind of medicine himself. If it weren’t for my suggestion, he would have been laying in the hospital, unable to get up right now! Enough, I don’t have any interest in dilly-dallying by talking nonsense to you here. You’re not worth my effort and time. Call your father and get him to pick these people up.”
When the people around heard him, they couldn’t help but wailed in their hearts.
Who on earth was this person?
He actually asked Jacob to personally come and pick up his people. Was he really not afraid of death?
“Fine, let’s see how long you will be arrogant for!”
Ysabel immediately gave her father a call. “Daddy, I was beaten up by somebody, even my teeth have been knocked out. I’m about to be beaten to death!… That’s right, it’s that Ass*x b*tch from Dorothy-Alex Constructions, and her…”
As a result, before she could finish her words, she was given a slap once again.
This time, it was Alex’s hand.
He smoothly grabbed her phone and said, “Jacob Yoder, right? It just so happens thatl have something to settle with you. So, hurry up and get your *ss here.”
Jacob clearly heard the sound of his daughter getting slapped. He gritted posterior molars as his anger reached its peak. He immediately called someone in the police force. “Captain Selby, Dorothy-Alex Constructions is using violence to resist the law and has assaulted law enforcement officers. They have also beaten up my daughter and kidnapped her. What do you say I should do?”
“What? Is there such a thing Alright, I’ll bring a team and head there immediately!”
A storm was coming!


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