The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1086

At the present scene, only Lady Dorothy Ass*x’s eyes were calm and unruffled. It was as if she had expected this ending long ago.
Alex Rockefeller took two steps forward. “Jacob, do you still recognize me? A year ago, you came to my wedding. You made a lasting impression on me,” Alex said.
Jacob Yoder bent his body, and he had a convoluted expression on his face.
He didn’t answer Alex’s question. Instead, he turned to Craig Selby. “Who exactly is he? Why would you help him despite the huge risk to your job? You ought to think carefully about your future,” Jacob said.
Craig shook his head. “Mr. Rockefeller’s identity is top secret,” he said.
Alex chuckled. “Jacob, who exactly is trying to rebel here? Your daughter, who has no official position in the organization, was actually able to command the five major departments, including commerce, health, firefighting, and taxation. In fact, the organization was shut down for rectification without proper inspection. I wonder who gave her such powers?” Alex asked.
Jacob was astonished.
Of course he was the one who instructed the five departments to seize Dorothy-Alex Constructions, but he didn’t allow his daughter to take over command. She was supposed to simply come and observe what happened.
In that case, Alex really did have something to use against Jacob.
‘This dumb woman,’ Jacob thought.
“I don’t care what you say. You injured staff members and my daughter. You even hung my daughter on the eighth floor in that kind of place. This makes you a criminal with the intent of committing murder. Regardless of what your status is, you will not be pardoned! Hurry up and release my daughter!” Jacob yelled.
“Never mind hanging her up there. Even if I kill her right there and then, I wouldn’t have to be responsible for it. Would you believe that?” Alex replied nonchalantly.
“You…” For his daughter’s safety, Jacob had no choice but to give in.
Alex glanced at Jacob before turning to Craig. “Go and release that woman!”
As soon as Alex said this, someone from the brigade ran upstairs.
“Mr. Rockefeller, I’ll arrest all these people and have a strict interrogation with them. I’ll find out precisely who abused their powers, who pretended to serve the public but was actually serving themselves, and who went against the rules. I promise that nobody will be able to bend the law to their own will,” Craig said.
Alex waved his hand. “I want to hold a joint trial here!” he exclaimed.
“Huh..?” Craig was stunned.
Joint trials were usually held in the courtroom. He had never heard of one being held at the crime scene. However, back in ancient times, the precedence of situations like this allowed for the convenience of resolving cases and informing the public.
In reality, Alex was doing this to restore his father’s dignity.
William Rockefeller had carried the shame of betraying the country for a year. It was time to clear his name!
Soon, the security guards from Dorothy-Alex Constructions brought in tables and chairs.
The current batch of security guards all recognized Alex. Now, after witnessing his power and the terror behind it, each one of them was surprised and overjoyed. The way they addressed him as “brother Rockefeller” seemed even more enthusiastic.
In fact, they even set up the entire place the mimic the way trials were held during ancient times.
Meanwhile, Ysabel Yoder, who had just been rescued by the brigade members, was still confused about her current situation. She thought she’d have nothing to worry about with the brigade members around. Hence, she rushed over and reached out to slap Alex.
In the end…
When Craig saw what she wanted to do, he landed a forceful slap on her face.
Ysabel was shocked. “You… Why did you hit me? Don’t you know who I am?”
Everyone was speechless.
This woman really didn’t know what was going on.

Are you trying to assassinate Mr. Rockefeller? Kneel!” Craig yelled coldly.
Two team members immediately came over to force Ysabel down on her knees. Ysabel struggled as best she could while cursing loudly. After that, she saw that her father had also been forced to kneel next to her. In that instant, she couldn’t find it in herself to speak She was completely dumbfounded!


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