The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1994

Chapter 1994

After saying that, he added, “Don’t worry, I won’t get Daisie involved.”

Colton pursed his lips tightly for a while. “How confident are you?” He smiled and lifted his gaze. “Are you worried about me, Colton?” Colton clicked his tongue and crossed his arms. “I’m not worried about you. Daisie will become a widow if you take a careless step and die. I don’t wish to see her become a widow at such a young age because of you.”

Nollace picked up the cup and said nothing.

Colton got up. “If you need help, voice out at any time. You’d better not die.”

The corner of Noilace’s lips twitched slightly upon hearing this, and he took a sip of tea.

Daisie was looking for James to talk about him taking over the role, but as soon as she stepped into the studio, she saw Freyja moving boxes.

She dashed straight over, helped her with the boxes, and scolded her, “Freyja! Aren’t you on leave? why have you come back to work all of a sudden? And why are you carrying such a heavy box? Aren’t you afraid of hurting the baby?”

Freyja replied helplessly, “I’m only a month and a half pregnant. It’s not as huge of a deal as you think it is. Besides, my pregnancy doesn’t affect my work at all.”

“I said no, and that’s an order.” Daisie put the boxes down. “If anything were to happen to you, Colton would kill me.”

As soon as Colton was mentioned, Freyja pursed her lips and kept quiet.

Daisie took Freyja to the couch and asked her to sit down. “I’ll get someone to come over and help you with chores like moving boxes. You should rest.”

Daisie picked up the landline and called someone to come upstairs to help. The boxes were filled with items that the agency would normally use, and they were too heavy to be moved by only one person sometimes.

“Daisie.” Freyja suddenly called her.

Daisie put down the handset and turned around, “what’s wrong?”

Freyja lowered her gaze. “Colton seems to mind that I’m planning to raise Deedee.”

When Colton asked her for her thoughts last night, she could not answer him.

After Colton left, she thought about it all night. ‘Did he ask her the question because he minded me raising Deedee?’

Deedee was not related to him. As far as the Goldmanns were concerned, Deedee was only an outsider.

Freyja did not expect the Goldmanns to adopt Deedee. After all, Deedee was her niece, and she had been watching over her since she was born. In any case, she wanted to raise Deedee until she got into adulthood.

She was already very grateful when Colton helped her to get Deedee out of Sandy’s control and fight for Deedee’s custody.

And she also knew that it was really unreasonable to get married to the Goldmanns with a niece.

After all, she and Colton were already expecting a child of their own. After giving birth, she would have to take care of Deedee on the one hand and their biological child on the other.

Deedee had become particularly sensitive because of what Sandy had done to her, and she had been particularly attached to Freyja recently. Perhaps Colton was afraid that she would be too busy with the kids to even take care of herself.

Daisie supported her chin in one hand and gave it a thought, she then explained after a while, “You’re pregnant, and you have to now take care of Deedee, and Deedee is only attached to you. Is Colton worried that you’ll get too tired?”

Freyja placed her palm on her flat stomach and smiled. “Maybe.”

In the evening, at the Seaview villa…

As soon as Freyja stepped into the entryway, she saw Deedee sitting barefoot on the stairway, waiting for her to come home.

The nanny beside her tried to persuade her and wanted to pick her up, but she would not let her do so, nor go upstairs.

Seeing Freyja, Deedee got up, walked toward her, and hugged her. “ Aunty Freyja.”

Freyja looked down at her, sighed, and squatted down after a while. “Deedee, Aunty Freyja has a job during the day, so you have to listen to the nanny when you’re at home.”

Deedee lowered her head. “But I only want you…”


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