The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1085

“What?!” “What’s going on?! The captain of the Special Brigade actually shows so much respect for Alex Rockefeller, and even called him ‘chief’?! What kind of chief was Alex Rockefeller?!”
“I don’t know! Could it be that he’s also a member of the Special Brigade now? The way he jumped down from the eighth floor just now really makes it seem like he had the essence of the king of war, but… Why does it feel so mysterious?”
Many people from Dorothy-Alex Construction knew Alex.
Not long ago, before Alex and Dorothy had gotten divorce, her younger sister, Beatrice, had personally brought Felix Shephard from Pegasus International to publicly propose to Dorothy. Who didn’t know about Alex’s great name, with all those rumors floating around the company?
And, the most surprised person among them was Dorothy’s secretary, Christy.
Christy knew more about Alex than the others. Looking at him right now, she only had a feeling that he had changed and should be judged anew after even a short absence!
However, Alex was slightly startled when he looked at Craig Selby, who stood in front of him. “You know me?”
“That day at Maple Villa…” Craig said.
When he said this, he abruptly woke up. He remembered that certain things must be kept secret from the public, so he immediately clamped up. Then, he leaned closer to Alex’s ears and whispered a few words.
Only then did Alex realize that a few days ago, the Johansson family, one of the four great families in California, had sent out five hundred Golden Dragon Warriors to rush to Maple Villa in a grandiose manner. In the end, Alex had killed thirty one Mystic ranked martial artists with a swing of his sword. Later, Sky Melvis and Zachary Xavier from Divine Constabulary appeared…
Then, dozens of armed vehicles had also come to take away the Golden Dragon Warriors. At that time, Craig was among the men who had appeared.
After understanding Craig’s background, Alex could no longer carry out the intention of forcefully suppressing everyone here using his overwhelming advantage.
However, his original purpose here was only Jacob Yoder.
At this moment, the hanging Ysabel on the eighth floor didn’t see the exchange between Alex and Craig. Her eyes were closed as she immersed in her own horrifying world. She didn’t dare to look down at all. She waited for a long time but didn’t hear anyone coming to save her, so she immediately started yelling, “Dad, Daddy! Hurry up and save me! I don’t want to die!”
“Hurry up and catch that wretched couple! I want them to sit in prison, I want them to die without a trace!” Jacob Yoder’s expression darkened.
Though he recognized Alex’s identity, that didn’t mean that he was afraid at all. It was true that a year ago, he had set William Rockefeller up for treason and colluding with the enemy, but so what? He really had gotten his hands on the evidence, regardless of the fact that the evidence was forged.
However, the blame of this matter couldn’t be traced to him.
He walked up with a cold face and said to Craig, “Captain Selby, what is the meaning of this? There are so many people watching at the scene. Everyone has seen how this fellow deliberately hurt so many people and even put my daughter in such a dangerous situation. Why aren’t you all making a move yet? Are you waiting for my daughter to fall from the eighth floor? Who will be responsible if my daughter dies?”
However, Craig looked at Alex, as though he was waiting for his instructions.
This small action made Jacob’s eyebrows twitched wildly. He still didn’t understand it. What in the world was Alex’s identity?
Could it be that his identity was even greater than his position as the deputy mayor?
It was because Jacob had been involved personally in the matter, so he had paid close attention to Alex in secret for a period of time. He later found out that this man was just a good-for-nothing. After the accident of his parents, he had been in a wretched condition and he only managed to make ends meet by relying on his wife. He didn’t make any contribution, and he didn’t have any doubts about the accident either. Later, Jacob stopped paying attention to him.
Never did he expect that such a strange scene would unfold in front of him right now.
“Take them down!” Alex said indifferently as he looked at Jacob.
Craig made his move in the next moment.
Jacob was just an ordinary person and he wasn’t very young. He would usually be out of breath just by walking up the stairs. So, how could he avoid Craig’s capture? In almost a second’s time, Craig had both of Jacob’s arms behind him and pressed up against his back.
“Craig Selby, are you rebelling?!”
“Do you know what you’re doing?”
“Do you not want your job anymore?!””
This temporary defection made some people who were watching completely bewildered.


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