The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1993

Chapter 1993

Shannon nodded. “Although I’ve never worked with James, I’ve worked with his mother, Marione Gondalez. since he’s Marione’s son, his acting skills shouldn’t be too bad.”

Daisie glanced at him. “Thankyou, Mr. Fallon. Then I’ll discuss this matter with him when I get back.”

It was eleven o’clock in the morning when the meal was over.

Daisie and Zephir sent Shannon and the producers downstairs. After the others left, the two walked to the parking lot in the basement.

Daisie walked beside him. “Zephir, why didn’t you say you wanted to be a director?”

After not seeing him throughout all these years, Zephir was no longer the elder brother that she knew from school—he looked more mature, handsome, and elegant than back then.

He turned to look at her. “You never asked me back then.”

She scratched her cheeks and smiled embarrassedly. “You’re right, but I’m surprised that you would choose to get into showbiz.”

“Whichever field that I choose, it’ll always be the same.” He stopped, turned to look at Daisie, and pursed his lips when his gaze swept across the ring on her finger. “I thought you would have forgotten about me after so many years.”

She squinted and smiled. “Why would I?”

Zephir lowered his gaze. “How have things been all these years?”

She replied, “Everything’s fine. How about you? The treatment you get in Florinia’s Film Academy should be top-notch, right?”

He gave off a faint smile. “It IS fine.”

Daisie chuckled. “Judging from how outstanding you are, I guess you must’ve been very popular while you were in Florinia. Do you have a girlfriend now?”

Zephir glanced at her and did not answer.

It was probably because of the awkward silence, which made Daisie feel a little embarrassed. She looked away unnaturally and asked, “ Did I just go into something too personal?”

“No, you didn’t.” Zephir walked to his car and paused for a few seconds. “I don’t have a girlfriend.”

It sounded as if he was trying to explain.

But Daisie did not get the intention of the sentence and was a little surprised.

‘Zephir still doesn’t have a girlfriend? Isn’t this a little too outrageous?’

He looked back at her and asked, “Are you going to Tenet Media? I’ll drop you off.”

Daisie thought that they had not seen each other for so many years, and he had always been like an elder brother to her, so she did not reject his offer. “Then I shall bother you for a little longer.”

Daisie opened the door and got into the car.

Coincidentally, the paparazzo sitting in a car not far away picked up his camera and captured the man’s face and Daisie, who got into his car.

Zephir drove Daisie to the entrance of Tenet Media.

Daisie got out of the car and turned around. “Zephir, thanks for the ride.”

He nodded and watched as Daisie walked into the building.

It was not until her figure disappeared from his sight that he withdrew his gaze, leaned back in the seat, and took out a photo hidden in the secret compartment in the car.

In the photo, Daisie was sitting in a library, when the photo was captured, she was still studying in junior high school.

Now that he had reunited with her, she had already grown into an enchanting and dazzling lady.

He had insisted on studying abroad back then so that he could become the man who could stand beside her someday.

Knowing that she would definitely get into the entertainment industry, he had chosen to pursue a career in the film industry, majoring in film studies, and had undergone several directing and screenwriting courses. Unfortunately, it was already too late when he received the news of her return to Zlokova.

‘Has there always been someone staying by her side over the years? And could that person be the man whose name is “Nollace” that Coleman mentioned to me back then?’

Zephir squinted as he sank into deep thought.

At the same time, at Blackgold…

Colton was talking to Noilace in the office.

Hearing that Sandy had been in contact with Donald, Colton frowned. “They’re coming for you.”

Nollace slid his finger across the rim of the cup. “I’m the one that they want. That’s why I plan to lure the snake out of its lair.”


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