The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1992

Chapter 1992

For now, the only role that had its performer confirmed was Nancy Hanks, and Daisie would play her. And Shannon had been going through and considering suitable actors for the other two leading roles, namely Simon Winchester and Xenos Yates.

When the screenwriter asked Daisie for her opinion, she was stunned. “Do you want my opinion?”

Shannon waved his hand and explained, “It’s okay, Daisie. You have also read the script and the original novel. You can recommend who you think is the most suitable actor for the roles.”

Daisie stared at Zephir.

Zephir nodded with a smile.

She rubbed her chin and gave it a thought. After all, those two characters were supposed to be gay in Freyja’s original novels. However, after her copyright to the novel was acquired by others and changes were made to the original copy, the rather sensitive LGBT relationship was changed into a brotherhood.

Simon Winchester was a reporter and was once the son of a wealthy family. Because of the tragedy that had happened to his parents in his earlier years, he had a great obsession with serial murders. That was why he snuck into a press agency anonymously and used his identity as a reporter to investigate what happened 20 years ago. He later discovered that the serial killer’s modus operand! 20 years later was related to the tragic death of his parents back then.

And Xenos Yates was the detective in charge of investigating the serial murders, and he regarded Simon Winchester, whose behavior was quite mysterious, as a suspect. The two got to know each other more through their respective investigation.

Simon Winchester was set to be a withdrawn, unfit, taciturn, paranoid, vigilant, and sensitive person. His only focus in life was to find out the person who murdered his parents.

As for the character set of Xenos Yates, he was set to be a slightly careless person, someone who thought out of the box, was sloppy, and looked unreliable but could stay calm and think wisely at the critical moment. He had good skills and a rather unhealthy addiction to tobacco and alcohol.

Xenos Yates was a 32-year-old tough and rough man. As long as his acting skills were strong and his age was appropriate, any actor who could smoke and drink could play him.

And Simon Winchester’s age was set at 21—he was very young and looked elegant and fine, just like a woman. But what Daisie had in mind was James.

She hesitated for a moment and suggested slowly, “How about we let James try out for this role?”

Everyone present was shocked, especially the screenwriters. “ James? As in James Tell?”

The producer looked at Shannon, who remained silent and asked directly, “Ms. Vanderbilt, James’ age and image are indeed in line with that of Simon winchester’s, but if you want him to play Simon Winchester, I’m afraid it’ll be difficult for the audience to accept it, won’t it?”

James rarely acted in movies. Even if he were to be offered the opportunity to act, he had always been given roles such as ignorant young masters or sons of some filthy rich families. His acting skills could be said to be very limited, and he had risen to popularity only because of Charlie’s keen vision.

Charlie knew those roles that suited him and those that did not suit him well. Thus, he had been trying his best to make him take on fewer roles that were not suitable for him. If his acting skills were not good enough, putting his true colors forward in a film could cover up his shortcomings.

But Simon Winchester was different.

Although Simon Winchester was also a child of a wealthy family, his family got into some trouble after his parents were murdered. This character was on the other end of the spectrum when it was being compared to James’ personality. Besides that, could James even play a character who bore the hardship, humiliation, and disgrace and hid in the shadows just to find out the real murderer?

Daisie explained solemnly, “If an actor wants to undergo a transformation, don’t they have to breakthrough the limitations they face in their acting career? And I think James isn’t as incompetent as everyone thinks he is. He’s just reluctant to make a change. I believe he can ascend to a higher level as long as he wants.”

The producer still hesitated, “However…”

Shannon suddenly added, “If James is willing to endure this hardship and work hard, it’s nothing for me to allow him to perform.”

Daisie laughed. “Mr. Fallon, are you saying you’re willing to give him a chance?”


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