The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1087

Jacob Yoder and his daughter were forced to kneel on the ground.
Meanwhile, the officials ordered by Jacob to give Dorothy-Alex Constructions a hard time, all seemed bereaved as if they had lost their parents.
The incident today was a failed operation that ended up hurting themselves. In the end, not only were their jobs at risk but they might even be punished.
“Let the trial begin! ” shouted a security guard from Dorothy-Alex Constructions in joy.
While this led to a burst of laughter from the crowd, many people had also taken out their phones to record the amazing scene.
Alex sat on a director’s chair while he looked at Jacob. “I only have one question for you. I hope you answer it truthfully.”
Jacob had a sullen expression on his face, and he didn’t say a word.
Alex wasn’t afraid that Jacob wouldn’t speak. “A year ago, on the day of my wedding with Lady Dorothy Ass*x, my father, William Rockefeller, got into a car accident and died…”
As soon as Alex started speaking, the scene immediately quieted down.
Quite a few people in the company had heard about what happened on Alex’s wedding day. However, they knew only a little about it, but nothing in detail. Meanwhile, even more people had heard about William Rockefeller betraying the country by selling its scientific research information to Japan.
Hence, in the eyes of many, William was a huge traitor. At this moment, while Alex spoke about this incident, everyone listened carefully.
“Back then, it was John Rockefeller who had come forward to identify my father as a traitor to the nation. Meanwhile, you cooperated with John and claimed to have detailed evidence of my father’s collaboration with the enemy and how he betrayed the country. Now, in front of so many people, I’m asking you once more. Is the detailed evidence you mentioned true?” Alex asked.
Jacob sneered. “Of course, it’s true. Your father is a traitor to this country.”
Alex’s spiritual pressure instantly elevated. It fell upon Jacob like a mountain.
In an instant, Jacob found it hard to breathe. It was as if an object weighing tens of thousands of pounds was pressing against his body. Meanwhile, a great sense of fear emerged from the depths of his heart.
“Think carefully before you speak!” Alex growled coldly.
Jacob wanted to continue cursing Alex’s father for being a traitor, but the words wouldn’t come out. The sense of fear in his heart grew stronger over time, and soon, he could barely even kneel anymore. There was a force in his body that compelled him to speak the truth.
“The evidence… Isn’t real. It’s forged.”
This statement stunned Ysabel Yoder.
Craig Selby’s eyes lit up, and he hurriedly took note of it Meanwhile, people from Dorothy-Alex Constructions, who stood in three circles around Alex and the others, all had their eyes wide open. They held their breaths in fear of missing out on a single word.
“Who forged the evidence?” Alex asked.
“I… I can’t tell you…” Jacob was still struggling internally.
“Speak!” Alex roared angrily.
Alex’s mental power was like tsunami waves that crashed onto Jacob’s willpower.
In the next moment, Jacob lost control over his mind and began to spill the beans. “It’s your father’s secretary, Pepper Kimmich. She forged it! That’s because she’s a Japanese ninja who lurked around William as a spy.”
“Huh..?” Lady Dorothy Ass*x’s secretary, Christy, gasped in surprise.
“What else? How did you and John band together?” Alex asked.
Jacob couldn’t stop speaking. “John was the mastermind behind the scene. He gave me 30 million, a villa, and two women. I happened to need money at the time. How could I resist such a huge temptation? Besides, William was already dead, and Madame Brittany was in a coma. There was no evidence against me. I had no reason to hesitate!”
Jacob had spoken everything on his mind.
“In that case, did William betray the country by selling its intellectual property to the Japanese in secret?” Alex finally asked.
“No. The person who sold the country’s intellectual property to Japan was John!” Jacob answered.
Alex closed his eyes. He felt a little disappointed on the inside.
At first, he thought Jacob might have told him something different. For example, Jacob might’ve mentioned the mysterious force that conflicted against Alex’s father. Instead, he only mentioned John Rockefeller and Pepper Kimmich. This wasn’t anything new.


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