The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1996

Chapter 1996 James went to the RV with Daisie and asked when he only saw Daisie alone.”Why isn’t Freyja around?” He hadn’t seen Freyja in a long time since Colton made their relationship public.

But if she was in a relationship with Colton, she wouldn’t need her job as an assistant anymore.

Daisie took the script out of her bag, paused, and raised her brows.

“Freyja is pregnant, so I can’t ask her to help with everything.” James was shocked.

“What?” ‘She’s pregnant?’ Daisie saw the sadness in his eyes and felt sorry for him.

Had he not given up yet after so long? She took a deep breath and changed the subject.

“You know about Director Fallon’s new movie? I’ve got you a role in it.” James was surprised.

“Huh?” “Now that your dad canceled your cards, you probably need to make some money.” After saying that, Daisie continued.

“I can promise that this character will be the one that can help you break out of your typecast.”

He smiledand put his hand to his forehead.

“Daisie, you overestimate me.” “James, are you not confident in yourself?”

“I’ve always been like that.” Daisie didn’t know what to say and looked at thescript in her hands.

If she hadn’t given her opinion the other day, Fallon wouldn’t have thought of James- nobody would

James wasn’t the best actor,but maybe because his personality fitted the roles he took, a lot of people overlooked his acting.

Getting him to act as ‘Simon Winchester’ was a huge challenge because it would be something out of his comfort zone.

Since Shannon gave him a chance, it showed that he had hopes for him, and also because his looks and age matched with ‘Simon Winchester’.

Thus, Daisie would need James to at least try it out, no matter what.

Daisie handed the script for Simon to James and asked him to skim through it.

After 15 minutes, James went over the entire script and didn’t feel right.

“No. Daisie, you want me to take this role?” It was one of the male characters, which wasquite important and different from the roles that he used to play.

Daisie looked at him.

“That’s why I said it would break you out of your typecast.

James, do you want your father to look down on you for the rest of your life?” That hit home.

James looked down and was deep in thought.

“Your father canceled your cards and doesn’t let you spend his money, so you have to start acting.

You keep taking supporting roles, but none of them are challenging.

This limits your skills.

“You’re still young, so you can play those characters for a few more years, but once you get into your 30s or 40s, you won’tbe able to get those roles anymore.

You’re just going to become the lead’s father one day.

“Even though you won’t be able to work in the industry forever and have to take over the family business oneday, do you think your father will hand the business over to you if you’re not even doing well in the entertainment industry? Even if he did, he probably wouldn’t be able to retire.

You’ll take over but still have to get to listen to him when making any decision.

Do you want that kind of life?” James had never thought about the future.


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