The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1089

Paige Rockefeller must have found out a lot about what happened before she came over.
Now, she shared everything with the couple…
“I heard Jacob’s daughter brought five law enforcement agencies over to Alex’s ex-wife’s company to shut them down. In the end, Alex was also there. He directly attacked the people from the five law enforcement agencies, and he even hung Jacob’s daughter outside the balcony on the eighth floor. She was dangling in the air just like that!”
“However, when the people from the brigade arrived, they didn’t rescue her right away. In fact, they listened to whatever Alex said.”
“The brigade’s team leader even addressed Alex as chief. Say, what changes do you think Alex has gone through? How did he become the brigade’s chief?” Paige asked.
Noah Rockefeller sighed after hearing all this. “Back then, when our eldest brother passed away, we shouldn’t have let John take over Rockefeller Group! We did this to ourselves. Otherwise, why would the Rockefeller family end up like this?”
“What does it have to do with us? Taking over Rockefeller Group was all the doing of your father and John behind closed doors. We were all kept in the dark. Even things like William not being your father’s biological son were only revealed to us much later. If anyone has to take the blame, it should be your father for being too greedy. He wouldn’t even show a tiny bit of mercy. Back when Alex came begging for help, we should have given him the million he asked for. He wouldn’t have been this harsh on us then,” Mariah Hamilton said.
“Second sister-in-law, what’s the use of criticizing my father now? He’s already dead. You should watch your manners!”
Mariah became angry. “Why should I? Was I wrong for saying that? Even someone who looks after a dog would have some feelings for it. If your father had been a little more merciful, Alex and Madame Brittany wouldn’t hate us this much. Great, now, you’ve lost nothing, but my older daughter is suffering out there while my younger sister has become disabled. Who should I seek help from? The way I see it, those two will not stop until every single one of us in the Rockefeller family is dead,” Mariah said.
A thought suddenly occurred to Paige. She had thought about her son.
Now, every Rockefeller child had to endure something terrible. Paige didn’t want her son to be affected too.
“In that case, should we return Rockefeller Group to Madame Brittany Rockefeller?” Paige asked.
After all, they had earned enough throughout the year and wouldn’t be able to spend all that money in this lifetime.
“It’s pointless. Madame Brittany wouldn’t want it. Don’t you all know what kind of person she is? She’s a woman of her words, and she never compromises! You might not know this, but all our dealers under Rockefeller Group are coming to us to cancel their contracts. Even if they don’t, our sales are declining rapidly. It won’t be long before we go bankrupt,” Noah said.
“What? How can this happen?” Paige asked.
“Haven’t you seen the news? Lush Cosmetics’ acne removal product was specifically made as an enhanced version of Bounty Acne Cream. Their objective is to go for our weak spot. Within a short amount of time, Lush Cosmetics took over the high-end market. Another one of our main products, Youth Cream, also can’t compare to their Beauty Cream. On top of that, Lush Cosmetics has recently acquired distribution channels to the low-end market. In fact, they set the condition for parties that wish to distribute their products so they wouldn’t be allowed to distribute other similar products. They’re cutting off all our income streams!” Noah said.
Both women froze at the same time.
Mariah had always overseen the family’s internal affairs. Paige, on the other hand, only knew how to take money from Rockefeller Group and hadn’t the slightest care for the company at all.
How could she have known about such a serious situation?
“William and Madame Brittany originally founded Rockefeller Group, so she knows all about its internal affairs. She probably knew about every single distribution channel under the company. Coupled with Lush Cosmetics’ unbelievably effective products, those distribution channels would abandon us and return to her once she gives the nod,” Noah added.
“In that case, does that mean Rockefeller Group is really going bankrupt?” Paige asked.
“Rockefeller Group won’t go bankrupt! ” Right then, a man and a woman walked in from the outside.
They were none other than Carol Rockefeller, who had left home for many days, and Witch Doctor Sect’s young master, Levi Bayer.
Carol was holding a small child in her arms.
“Carol!” Mariah jumped to her feet and ran over to her daughter.
“Mom, I’m back!” Carol said.
“It’s great that you’ve returned. This…” Mariah trailed off.
“This is your grandchild,” Carol said.
Mariah had a somewhat odd expression on her face. After all, this grandchild had appeared too suddenly. Typically, a person had to go through a pregnancy period of ten months. However, had Carol even been pregnant for ten days?
This was like riding a rocket!
When Mariah looked down and saw the appearance of the child, she immediately cried out in horror.


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