The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1998

Chapter 1998 Daisie heaved a sigh of relief because she was glad he didn’t believe it. Nollacesuddenly pulled her into his arms and pressed his slightly cold hand on her cheek.

“But, are you not going to explain yourself?” She started sweating.

He said he didn’t believe it, but he was angry! “I’m just friends with Zephy.” “Zephy…” Nollace’s*xpression changed ever so slightly, then raised her chin.

“I thought you’d only call me in such a way.” He didn’t look angry, but Daisie couldfeel that it was getting tricky, so she grabbed his hand and was anxious.

“That was different.

I really see him as a friend.” Noilace leaned in closer to her.

“When did you meet?”

Daisie looked away.

“You went back to Yaramoor, so I have the right to meet people.”

She started feeling annoyed as shesaid that.

Noilace pressed his lips together because she was still angry about what he had said all thoseyears ago.

He hadn’t wanted to involve her in his problems, which was why he had said that when they were at the airport.

He had wanted to deal with Madam Knowles back in Yaramoor and come back and explain everything to her, but Madam Knowles had other plans.

He had gotten into an accident after he landed.

He had managed to stay alive but lost all his memories, including what had transpired in Zlokova and Daisie.

He had no idea what happened to Daisie after that, and it didn’t matter to him either.

Now that he thought about it, he had almost lost her.

Looking at her pouty cheeks, Noilace couldn’t help but kiss the corner of her lips.

“I’m just a little jealous.” He made her face him.

“You know that I’m petty.

I can’t control myself when I see you with another man.” She grumbled, “I’ve explained myself.”

He held her tight in his arms and kissedher.

“Alright, of course, I believe you.” Daisie held his hand that was going down the wrong places, and her face flared up.

“Not here.” Noilace carried her up to the room.

“W-We haven’t had our meals yet.” “We’ll do that now.” Daisie ended up sleeping until 7:00 p.m.

Noilace sat on the single-seater next to the bed.

He sat there with his nicely toned body in a dark blue silk robe, and when heheard movement, he closed his magazine and looked up.

“You’re awake?” She didn’t speak.

Noilace had drained all her energy.

He placed the magazine on top of their nightstand, stood up, and hugged her.

She struggled.

“I can walk.” His chuckle came from the top of her head.

“Are you sure you have the energy?” That made her blush and press her face against his shoulder.

Noilace carried her downstairs.

She was stunned when she saw that there was candlelight dinner ready on the dining table.

The atmosphere was great.


He put her down and kissed her hair.

“I didn’t wake you up so I could prepare dinner.

Do you like it?” Daisie paused and was touched.

Her annoyance at him dissipated, so she turned and smiled at him.

“I love everything you prepare for me.” Noilace tapped the tip of her nose and held her hand.

“Please take a seat then, my princess.” Having a candlelight dinner at home was just as nice ashaving one at a restaurant.


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