The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 1999

Chapter 1999 Daisie had a great meal and finally laid down her cutlery. “Nolly, do you care what people online are saying?” Helooked up and touched her face after a long pause.

“I don’t because I’m the one who’s by your side.” Those speculations were all made up.

Daisie looked a little disappointed.

She was hoping to make things public, even if Donald found out.

At least she could work things out with Noilace instead of hiding behind him whenever trouble arose.

Noilace leaned in closer to her because he seemed to have noticed her emotions and placed his hand on the topof her head.

“Well get a chance to go public.

When that happens, I’ll let the whole world know that I’m the man behind Ms.Best Actress.” Daisie looked into his light eyes and only saw herself in there.

“Are you going to face Donald?” He didn’t speak Daisie turned away.

“I knew it. There must be a reason behind this candlelight dinner.” Noilace smiled.

“How would you know?” She said with full conviction, “A woman’s instinct.” He laughed and gently touched her face.

“It’s pretty accurate.” He leaned forward and planted a kiss on her forehead.

“I’ll be leaving Bassburgh for a few days. Wait for me.” Daisie paused, then pushed him away.

Noilace pulled her into a hug after seeing that that made her angry.

“Be good. I promise that I’ll come back safely, alright?” Daisie looked down.

“I overheard your call the other day.” He was surprised, then looked into her eyes.

She lowered her head and said, “Just because I don’t ask doesn’t mean I don’t know anything.

Nolly, you can’t face this alone.

If we make our relationship public, he’ll come to find us.” “Daisie.” His chest heaved whilehe lowered his voice.

“That’s different.

I can’t take the risk with you.

If anything happens to you, all that I have held onto would have been pointless.” He kissedthe top of her head.

“I’m not going alone. I have a plan. Please, believe me.”.

Daisie lay in his arms in silence.

“Mr.Gosling, we weren’t able to find out who Ms.Vanderbilt is engaged to. I’m really sorry.” There were only two men in the room.

Zephir sat on the couch and swirled the wine in his glass.

The wine was a dark red, like the color of blood.

He looked at the glass and then at the men in front of the table.

“Nobody found out?”

The man lowered his head.

“I really can’t find any information.

That man is really good at hiding his identity.

It’s still a mystery.” He added, “But I heard a rumor that the man is the one who doesn’t want his identity known, and Ms.

Vanderbilt is just following his wishes.” Zephir drank the wine.

“Alright, leave me, please.”

The man left.

Zephir placed the empty glass on the table and frowned.

He couldn’t understand why the man didn’t want people to know who he was.

Was he deliberately trying to hide his identity? If he really loved her, why would he want to hide and force Daisie to play along? Zephir staredat the empty glass and mumbled, “Daisie, are you really happy?” The guessing game had been going on online for two days, but Daisie never said anything.

Her fans assumed that she had quietly admitted to it, but in reality, Daisie had bigger things to worryabout.


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