The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1090

Marial Hamilton plopped down onto the ground with a thump. She had a horrified expression on her face.
After that, Noah Rockefeller and Paige Rockefeller also saw the appearance of the child. They both had odd expressions on the ir faces. It was almost as if they’d seen a terrifying monster.
Paige didn’t hold back and pointed at the haunting baby. “Carol, is this a joke? You didn’t even have a boyfriend a month ago. Where did this child come from? It’s also very ugly… Tsk, tsk Look at its teeth. Is it even human? Isn’t this a beast? Could you have mated with a monkey or something?”
“Waaaaa!” The frightful baby in Carol Rockefeller’s hand suddenly cried loudly.
It hopped onto Paige’s body and bit her.
“Ahhh!!” Paige screamed in pain. Her shoulder had been bitten.
After biting Paige, the baby refused to let go. Instead, it began sucking her blood with all its might.
However, a few seconds later, the baby let go. It seemed to be completely unsatisfied with Paige’s blood. It then opened its mouth and spurted a mouthful of blood on Paige’s face. After that, it hopped back into Carol’s arms.
With blood smeared all over her face, Paige stood where she was in utter terror. She couldn’t even speak.
Carol glanced coldly at Paige. “Auntie, be careful of what you say next time. He can understand you. If this happens again, he might bite your tongue off.”
Paige looked at the ferocious haunting baby. Goosebumps began sprouting all over her body.
“I… I have stuff to do at home. I’ll be leaving first!” Paige exclaimed before leaving as if she was trying to escape.
Noah and his wife also seemed terrified. Finally, Noah looked over at Levi Bayer, who was standing next to Carol. “Carol, this is…” He calmed himself down and started speaking.
“Oh, I forgot to introduce you. His name is Levi Bayer. He’s my man. Also, he’s the young master of the Witch Doctor Sect, and he has excellent medical skills. He should be able to cure my sister’s legs,” Carol said.
“Really? That’s great!” replied Noah.
Levi finally began to speak. “Curing her leg is a small matter. Even if someone dies, I could bring that person back to life. This is something a person from the Witch Doctor Sect is capable of.”
Natalie Rockefeller was on the second floor of the villa. The group of people immediately went upstairs.
After checking on Natalie’ 3 legs, Levi frowned slightly.
“L-Levi… What do you think of my daughter’s legs?” Noah asked nervously.
“Her legs have been damaged by a powerful poison. This poison is extremely unforgiving. It’s already ruined her veins and nerves. It’s impossible to restore her legs to their original state,” Levi said.
After Levi said that, the Rockefeller family members instantly felt disappointed.
Natalie even shed tears.
However, Levi continued to speak. “But there is a way to resolve this. We can replace your legs with those of a normal girl.”
“Will… Will this work?”
“Of course! We can even replace hearts and brains. Why can’t we replace legs?” Levi asked.
“In that case, use mine,” Mariah said with gritted teeth.
“Mom, how could we use your legs? I have someone suitable in mind,” Carol said slyly.
“Who is it?” Noah asked.
“Lady Beatrice Ass*x, Alex’s sister-in-law! ” Carol exclaimed.


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