The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2000

Chapter 2000 After Noilace left Bassburgh, Daisie returned to the Goldmann mansion.

Taylorton was empty without him there. She was lonely thereby herself, but more importantly, she was very worried about him.

Freyja could tell that she had a lot on her mind, so she sat next to her.

“Noilace wouldn’t let anything happen to him.

He’s such a smart man, so he must be very confident.”

Daisie picked up the coffee and took a sipbefore mumbling.

“Does he really think that he can do everything?“ Freyja smirked.

“He never failed to do anything that he wanted.

You know that.” Daisie pressed her lips together and didn’t answer.

At that moment, Freyja received a call.

The caller said something which made her expression change and stand up.

“What? Deedee is missing!?” Daisie and Freyja went to the Seaview Villa together.

The nanny had looked in every corner of the house but couldn’t find her.

Freyja ran out of the car and grabbed the nanny’s shoulders.

“When did she go missing?” The nanny said apologetically, “She was there in the morning.

After breakfast, we started our chores, and no one noticed her.

We thought she had gone back to her room.

When the therapist came over, we realized that she wasn’t in her room.”

Freyja’s face turnedpale.

Daisie took out her phone and anxiously said, “I remember that there were cameras in the yard.

If she went outside, we should be able to see her.

I’ll ask Colton for the surveillance footage.” Colton picked up Daisies call.

When he found out that Deedee was missing, he immediately ended his meeting and headed toward the villa.

Daisie saw Colton walking through the door and stood up.


Colton loosened his tie and frowned.

“I’ve checked the surveillance.

She never left the yard, so she must be hiding somewhere.”

The helpers looked at each other.

“But we’ve looked everywhere and couldn’t find her…” Colton fell silent.

Daisie suddenly remembered something and said, “Colton, when we were playing hide and seek as kids, we always had ahard time finding Wayion.

Do you think she’s hiding where he did?” It was the house they lived in when they were kids, so they would know itbetter than the helpers.

Colton rushed upstairs, followed closely by Freyja and Daisie.

They got to the store room on the third floor.

It was a door behind the stairs that no one would see if they didn’t get close enough.

It used to be a storage area.

Colton opened the door and immediately saw Deedee hiding inside under the dim lighting Freya rushed forward.

“Deedee!” Deedee rested her head on Freyja’s shoulder and didn’t say anything.

Freyja carried her out of there and put her down.

She started being anxious, probably because she was nervous when they couldn’t find Deedee.

“What were you thinking? Do you know how worried everyone was? We were looking all over for you.

Why did you hide?” That was the first time Freyja yelled at her.

Deedee looked down as tears started rolling and dripping onto the floor.

Daisie walked forward.

“Freyja, don’t be angry.

I don’t think she intentionally hid.

There must be some misunderstanding.” Freya realized that she was too loud.

When she saw Deedee crying, her heart ached, and she tried to wipe her tears away.

Deedee suddenly pushed her belly.


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