The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2001

Chapter 2001 Colton hurriedly went forward to catch Freyja to prevent her from falling down. He frowned tightly. “Deedee, how can you push your aunt?” Deedee wasscared by his furious gaze.

She shrunk back a little and bit her lips to stop herself from crying.

Freyja took a deep breath and approached Deedee again.

She lowered her voice and said, “Deedee, I’m sorry.

I shouldn’t have raised my voice just now.

I was just too worried about you…“ Deedee pushed her hand away and cried, “My parents didn’t want me, and now you don’t wantme either.” Freyja was stunned.

“Deedee, I didn’t say I don’t want you — ” “Liar! I heard everything you said that night! You’re going to send me away!” Deedee saton the floor and bawled her eyes out, venting her spleen.

Freyja’s heart skipped a bit, and her chest tightened.

She did not expect Deedee to have heard everything she had said that night.

That was why she thought she did not want her and was going to abandon her.

But Freyja had never wanted to abandon her at all.

She did not want to keep Deedee by her side because not only was Deedee her brother’s daughter, but she was alsothe Pruitts’ only descendant.

She would be the one to inherit everything from the Pruitts.

She had every reason to stay with the Pruitts, and Freyja was confident that her father would take good care of her.

However, if Deedee stayed with her, it went without saying that she could take care of her just fine,but what would the outside world think of Deedee? For the Goldmanns, Deedee was not related to them at all, and Freyja could not possibly expect the Goldmanns to accept Deedee.

Even if Colton was willing to raise Deedee until she grew up, once Freyja had her own child, she mightend up neglecting Deedee and making her unhappy.

That being said, she did not know how to explain this to Deedee.

‘Maybe, I am too selfish to think that I am doing this for Deedee’s own good?’ Freyja squatted down and grabbed Deedee into her arms.

As she caressed her head, she said, “I’ve never wanted to abandon you, Deedee.” Deedee finallycalmed down after Freyja comforted her for a long while.

Perhaps she was tired from crying, so she fell asleep in Freyja’s arms.

Freyja carried her back to her room and tucked her in.

After that, she closed the door and left.

Freyja saw that Colton was standing in the corridor.

She couldn’t tell if he was still angry or not.

Pressing her lips tightly, she approached him and asked, “Are you still angry?” When Deedee pushed her, Colton was clearly infuriated.

However, Deedee did not know she was pregnant.

Besides, Deedee was doing that because she thought she was going to send her away.

Colton was calm as he asked, “Do you know how severe the consequences would be if I didn’t catch you in time?”

The calmer hewas, the harder it was for her to read his emotions.

Freyja lowered her head.

“She didn’t mean it.

She didn’t know that…” Colton took a deep breath and walked past her.

“I don’t want the same thing happening again.” Freyja turned her head around.

“Colton, do you only care about your kids?” She couldn’t understand Colton’s anger at all.

Deedee had just pushed her.

She had not done it on purpose.

Colton stopped in his tracks and turned his head to look at her.

“So you only care about Deedee? What about your own child? Do you not care about them?”

She was stunned.

“What do you mean?” “She heard everything that night, so do you think she still doesn’t know that you’re pregnant?” Colton asked, his face stern.

After that, he turned around and left, leaving Freyja to stand stiffly in the corridor.

She did not know if it was her brain or her eyes playing a trick on her, but this wasthe first time she realized that Colton did not like Deedee.

But Deedee was just a kid.

“Just because she pushed me out of anger, Colton has to dislike her so much?’ Daisie saw that Colton went outof the door with a stern face.

It seemed to her that he was in a bad mood.

She went upstairs to look for Freyja and saw her leaning against the wall dejectedly.


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