The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1091

Natalie Rockefeller wiped her tears away. “I know who Lady Beatrice is. She’s a popular girl at the University of California. But why would she be willing to offer me her legs?”
“Of course, she wouldn’t, but it’s not up to her to decide!” Carol Rockefeller said coldly.
Noah Rockefeller was shocked. “Are you planning to kidnap Lady Beatrice and cut her legs off by force?” He asked.
“That’s right!”
“We can’t do that!” Noah immediately chimed in.
“Haven’t you seen the brigade’s announcement earlier? Alex isn’t someone we can mess with now. Even Jacob has fallen into his hands. If he found out that we chopped off Lady Beatrice’s legs, he’d kill us all,” Noah added.
“What are you afraid of? I’m not who I used to be anymore,” Carol said.
With that, she suddenly punched her fist against the nearby wall.
A hole immediately appeared at the spot Carol had punched in the thick, decorated concrete wall. If it weren’t for the steel bars inside, she might have actually been able to punch right through it.
Members of the Rockefeller family appeared dumbfounded.
“Sister, have you become a martial artist too?” Natalie asked.
“Yes, I am now a Mystic rank martial artist! However, I won’t have to deal with Alex personally. Young Master Bayer’s Four Great Ghost Servants are in California. They are all supreme beings at Intermediate Grandmaster rank. Tomorrow, they will definitely kidnap Lady Beatrice and bring her here so that your feet can be replaced, Natalie. Since she’s close to your age, and she’s also popular at her university, I’m sure you’d be happy with her legs, right?” Carol asked.
Although Natalie wasn’t ugly, her looks could not compare with Lady Beatrice Ass*x.
Once, Natalie went to visit the University of California. She personally saw Lady Beatrice’s long legs. Back then, several of her male classmates were stunned by Lady Beatrice’s beauty. Meanwhile, Natalie’s legs were a little thick and short, and they weren’t exactly pretty. It would be great if Natalie could have Lady Beatrice’s long legs!
When Natalie thought of this, she smiled happily.
As for whether Lady Beatrice would be in pain if she lost her legs, the thought didn’t even cross Natalie’s mind.
“Alex has caused our family so much pain, and he even took away Young Master Bayer’s title of Immortal Doctor. I will make him regret it! Dad, Mom, you don’t have to worry about Rockefeller Group. I came back this time specifically to deal with Alex and Madame Brittany.”
“Rockefeller Group will not fall!
“On the contrary, I will take over Lush Cosmetics!”
“It’ll be too easy for Alex if I kill him directly. I want to torture everyone he cares about until they die and let him know what it’s like to suffer a living hell.”
“That b*tch, Madame Brittany, is in Michigan now. It’s a little far away. We’ll start from the Ass*x family. Tomorrow, we’ll kidnap Lady Beatrice first. After that, we’ll also kidnap Lady Dorothy. Young Master Bayer, these two sisters are both beautiful women. When the time comes, you can have fun with them all you want!” Carol said.
Levi Bayer chuckled.
Meanwhile, there were very odd expressions on Noah and Mariah Hamilton’s faces.
The brigade’s announcement was still drawing a lot of attention.
However, Alex Rockefeller and Lady Dorothy Ass*x were still having passionate s*x inside Ass*x Manor. They only rested briefly when Madame Brittany Rockefeller gave them a call.
Madame Brittany had seen the announcement.
Now, she felt very relieved, from the bottom of her heart, that her deceased husband’s name had finally been cleared. After talking about this matter with Alex for a while, she sighed. “It’s your father’s death anniversary in a few days. I’ll return to California tomorrow. Let’s visit him together at the cemetery!” Madame Brittany said.
Alex felt torn.
The ashes placed in that cemetery were simply the ashes of an old sow. What would it mean if they paid their respects to it?
However, Alex couldn’t tell his mother about this. He didn’t want her to find out that William Rockefeller wasn’t dead yet, fearing that the anxious woman might cause something unpredictable to happen. Hence, Alex didn’t even tell her about Aunt Rockefeller’s existence.
“Alright… Fine!” Alex said.
It was the weekend the next day.
Early in the morning, Noah got out of bed. He had barely slept the entire night because his daughter, Carol, was being too loud in her room. It was the sound of her and Young Master Bayer having s*x.


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