The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1092

Noah Rockefeller had looked after his daughter, Carol Rockefeller, for over twenty years. He never knew that she had such a wild side. Back then, it was with Seamus Owen. Now, it was with Levi Bayer. Once they got started on s*x, there simply was no end in sight.
Anyway, Noah’s entire body burned with passion when he heard them. Even after having s*x with Mariah Hamilton, Noah still couldn’t calm himself down.
In fact, Carol and Levi were at it the entire night.
‘Do martial artists really have such great stamina?’ Noah wondered.
He shook his head to get rid of the thought before heading down to the first floor of the villa.
Halfway down the staircase, he glanced downward. Instantly, a chilly wave of energy rushed to his brain. He could see four black coffins neatly placed in the living room.
Noah looked like he had seen a ghost, and he nearly rolled down the stairs. He couldn’t stop himself from screaming.
“Mariah, Mariah, hurry up and come here! I’ve seen a ghost!” he shouted at the top of his lungs.
Right after that, the four panels on the coffin started to make a gurgling sound. They were actually being slowly opened.
“Oh my god!”
“What the hell is this?”
Nearly scared out of their wits, their bodies trembled uncontrollably.
Right then, Levi appeared behind them without a sound. “Don’t be afraid!” he said.
In the end, the voice that suddenly came from behind Noah and Mariah caused the two to instantly scream in unison. Clumsily, they stumbled down the staircase. Coincidentally, a few heads popped out of the coffins right then. When the couple saw the heads, they instantly pissed themselves.
Ten minutes later, Carol and Levi stood in front of Noah and Mariah.
Behind Levi, stood four pale faced men wearing burial clothes. They seemed more like middle-aged zombies than humans.
“Dad, Mom, don’t be afraid. All four of them are Young Master Bayer’s subordinates. They are called the Four Great Ghost Servants. These were the four supreme experts I mentioned yesterday. Whether or not my sister’s legs can be recovered will depend on whether the ghost servants can bring Lady Beatrice’s legs back,” Carol said.
After that, Levi took out a photo with an address on it and handed them over to two of the ghost servants.
The photo showed how Lady Beatrice looked.
This thing was very easy to obtain. The University of California’s forum displayed the photos of all of the popular girls. As for the address, it was where the Ass*x family currently lived.
Soon, two of the ghost servants departed from the villa to capture Lady Beatrice Ass*x.
Meanwhile, Lady Beatrice and Madame Claire Ass*x had also woken up very early. They were getting ready to head to Mount Phoenix’s Ereve Temple to burn incense and pray. Lady Beatrice had no clue that a huge crisis would soon befall her.


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