The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1093

“Mom, why isn’t Dorothy going on her own?” Lady Beatrice Ass*x asked.
Lady Beatrice still wanted to stay in bed. After being dragged out of bed by Madame Claire Ass*x, Lady Beatrice was still in an unpleasant mood.
They were going to burn incense and pray because Madame Claire had already found out what happened at Dorothy-Alex Constructions the day before. The company nearly got shut down, and Madame Claire was so scared that she couldn’t sleep the entire night.
If the company really was shut down, what would their family live on?
Hence, Madame Claire decided to burn incense at Ereve Temple.
“Your sister is managing such a large company. How could she leave?” Madame Claire said.
“Sigh. Hurry up, will you? What’s taking you so long? Did you fall into the toilet bowl?” Madame Claire asked.
“My period is here, and I’m putting on my sanitary pad. Would you like to do it for me?” Lady Beatrice asked.
“If you want me to put on your pad for you, would you like me to get married on your behalf too?” asked Madame Claire in return.
“Sure, Mom. I thinkyou’re starting to desire men now. I don’t mind. Hurry up and get married on my behalf. Have a child for me too while you’re at it,” Lady Beatrice said.
“You’re nuts!” Madame Claire exclaimed.
The two bickered on and on until finally, they prepared everything, got into the car, and left the house.
Just as they got out of the front door in their new Mercedes-Benz, they bumped into two men wearing black clothes. After seeing them, Lady Beatrice discovered that the two men by the road were staring directly at her. Their facial expressions and gazes were both very odd.
It felt a little eerie.
Despite the hot weather, she still felt chills down her spine.
“Mom, why are these two people so weird? They have scary looks in their eyes,” Lady Beatrice said.
Madame Claire noticed them too, and she began to rant. “It’s still early in the morning, and it should have been a fortuitous time. I have no idea where these two idiots came from. They look like deities, and they seem to be wearing burial clothes. These two must be lunatics,” she said.
Meanwhile, Lady Beatrice saw something even creepier.
There was a black coffin behind those two men.
“Mom, that… That’s a coffin, right? Did someone die in the neighborhood?” Lady Beatrice asked.
When Madame Claire fixed her gaze on it, she became even angrier.
This was the main entrance of her personal villa. Why were these people here with a coffin?
Madame Claire immediately became furious. She brought the car to a screeching halt before lowering the electronic car window. “Are you two sick? Why did you place a coffin in front of our house? Hurry up and take it away!” she yelled.
Those two men were of course two of Levi Bayer’s ghost servants.
When Madame Claire yelled at them, their facial expressions didn’t change at all. Their pale faces seemingly belonged to zombies that wouldn’t decay even after a thousand years. There were even dim, green lights in their eyes.
They had their gazes locked upon Lady Beatrice. Earlier, they couldn’t see clearly through the car window. Now that Madame Claire had lowered the window, they could see her very clearly.
The ghost servants glanced at each other and nodded. When Ma dame Claire saw that they were not lifting the coffin up and were ignoring her completely, she became even angrier all of a sudden. She unbuckled her seatbelt and ran down to point a finger at the nose of one of them. “Didn’t you hear me? Are you deaf? Move the coffin away right now. Otherwise, I’ll get someone to break your legs!”
Lady Beatrice frowned.
She felt that these two men’s bodies were filled with a sense of eeriness. They didn’t seem like good people.
Lady Beatrice was afraid that they would be in trouble for offending these two men. “Mom, get back into the car. Stop talking. We’ll just let the property staff deal with them,” she said.
As soon as Lady Beatrice finished speaking, one of the ghost servants lashed out and punched Madame Claire in the stomach.
Madame Claire was a weak lady. How could she withstand an attack from a ghost servant? She was immediately sent flying, and her body hit the door of the Benz with tremendous force.
Madame Claire’s body vibrated, and she instantly spurted out a mouthful of blood.
It felt as if her organs had shifted around in her body. Her stomach ached so badly that she couldn’t even speak Limply, she collapsed to the ground.
If Madame Claire had worn the pearl necklace William Rockefeller gave her, she might not have suffered this badly.
However, she was going to burn incense and pray today. Since she felt that wearing jewelry with pearls would make her appear insincere, she removed the necklace in the morning. As a result…


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