The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1094

Lady Beatrice Ass*x was nearly scared out of her wits. She quickly got out of the car to check on her mother.
“Mom, Mom, are you alright?” she asked.
“Why did you hit her? Mom… Help… help!!!” Lady Beatrice yelled.
However, as soon as Lady Beatrice got out of the car, she fell into the ghost servants’ trap. The two of them instantly charged over and picked her up by force. Right after that, they lifted the panel of the coffin behind them and tossed Lady Beatrice inside.
The coffin’s lid was shut once again.
Everything turned dark before Lady Beatrice’s eyes. Suddenly, she was dumbfounded. In the next second, an endless sense of fear appeared in her heart. With the panic and desperation of the knowledge of being buried alive, she started kicking and banging around inside the coffin while she shouted for help.
“Morn, Mom, help me!”
“Anyone, help me, please? Sister, Alex, Alex Rockefeller, hurry up and save me!”
Inside the coffin, Lady Beatrice’s body was trembling all over. She had never felt this creeped out. This was even more terrifying than the time she got bitten by a poisonous snake on an island. In the depths of her heart, she could only think of Alex Rockefeller coming to her rescue, but…
When she rushed out of the car earlier, she didn’t bring her phone. Now, she really was going to die!
After that, she could clearly sense someone lifting the coffin up and taking her away one step at a time.
“Help! Help! Help!”
“Anyone? Save me!”
With unprecedented strength, Lady Beatrice kicked the coffin’s panel with a thud. However, in the next second, one of the ghost servants extended his hand and slapped the panel once.
After a concussion caused by the inner force, Lady Beatrice felt her head vibrating for a moment. She then passed out.
The two ghost servants carried a black coffin while they passed through the busy streets of California.
They moved very quickly as if the coffin weighed nothing to them.
Meanwhile, everyone they bumped into avoided them. Some people also pointed at them and offered criticism.
“D*mn. Why on earth are they walking on a busy street with a coffin on their backs?”
“This early in the morning too… What a bad omen.”
But someone also chuckled. “You guys don’t get it, do you? You must not be watching stuff on Triller. Now, the video of black men carrying coffins is viral on Triller. Even the United Nations has caught wind of it. I heard that the Secretary-General even invited them to perform! These two men are definitely trying to imitate that. Perhaps, they’re even recording a live stream!”
“All kinds of people in the world…” someone else uttered.
Meanwhile, Alex Rockefeller happened to be buying lovely breakfast at a nearby restaurant. It was Waltz Fleur’s rare day off, and she wanted to stay in bed longer. Apart from that, she also wanted breakfast from Bliss Restaurant. Since Alex didn’t have anything else to do, he came out to buy her breakfast.
Coincidentally, Alex’s mother and the others were coming back. Hence, Alex decided to get some groceries at the market while he was out. He didn’t expect to pass by two ghost servants with a coffin on their backs.
“These two…”
Alex instantly sensed something unusual about these two men.
The two ghost servants had an eerie vibe around them, and their bodies were filled with a ghostly aura. They weren’t ordinary humans at all. In fact, they were more like two zombies.
This was terrifying. What were these two zombies up to by carrying a coffin through busy streets under broad daylight?
What was inside the coffin?
Feeling curious, Alex instantly focused his spiritual consciousness and started exploring inside the coffin. As soon as he did, he was terribly surprised.
His sister-in-law, Lady Beatrice Ass*x, was actually lying inside the coffin!


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