The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1096

Damn it!
They were actually thinking of taking away Lady Beatrice Ass*x’s legs. Most importantly, they were going to defile her before taking her legs away.
‘This young master of Witch Doctor Sect absolutely deserved to die!’
However, Alex Rockefeller actually heard Carol Rockefeller speaking right then. “Young Master Bayer, you can have all the fun you want with Lady Beatrice. However, this girl is too young and inexperienced. It wouldn’t be much fun! Alex isn’t exactly on good terms with her either. If you rape her, Alex might even be happy… However, Lady Dorothy Ass*x is different. She’s the most important person in Alex’s life. If you can capture her, that’ll be true revenge! Moreover, Lady Dorothy is prettier than her sister, and she’s also much more experienced and desirable,” Carol said.
When Levi Bayer heard Carol saying this, he felt tempted.
“Hurry up and tell me where Lady Dorothy is. I’ll get the ghost servants to capture her right away!” Levi said.
“We can just ask her, ” Carol said.
After that, Lady Beatrice was woken up.
As soon as she came around, she started shouting, still immersed in the fear she felt before.
In the end… Smack!
Carol raised her hand and slapped Lady Beatrice.
“Why are you shouting? Hurry up and tell me. Where is your sister, Lady Dorothy?” Carol questioned fiercely.
Lady Beatrice was extremely terrified. “Are… Are you Alex’s little cousin-sister, Carol?”
As soon as Lady Beatrice finished speaking, she was slapped yet again.
“Who on earth is that b*stard’s little cousin? Hurry up and speak. If you cooperate, I might let you live after removing your legs for my sister.”
Lady Beatrice trembled all over. “What did you say? Removing legs? What legs?”
Carol started chuckling. “Honestly, there’s no harm telling you. My sister’s legs were ruined because of Alex, that scumbag. If she wants to be able to stand again, she’ll need a pair of perfect legs. You are Alex’s ex-sister-in-law. Coincidentally, that means you can pay for what Alex did by offering your legs to my sister.”
When Lady Beatrice heard this, her entire body trembled.
Carol even said that she’d let Levi sleep with Lady Beatrice before cutting her legs off! Not only that, but they were even going to capture Lady Beatrice’s sister, Lady Dorothy Ass*x, so that Young Master Bayer could sleep with both of them.
“How could you be such an evil woman? I’m telling you that Alex is an expert fighter. If he finds out about what you did to us, he won’t let you off the hook. He’ll kill all of you,” cried Lady Beatrice.
“Hmph! I want to kill him too! If he has the guts to come here, he’ll turn into a corpse right away!” Carol barked fiercely. “Do you know why I decided to deal with you and your sister first? I plan to send the footage of Young Master Bayer raping both of you to Alex. I look forward to seeing his reaction,” Carol added.
Lady Beatrice was so enraged that her body trembled all over. “You… You’re crazy!”
“Speak. Where is your sister now? If you won’t tell me, I’ll strip you instantly. Not only will I let Young Master Bayer play with you, but I’ll even bring a dog from the outside to mess with you,” Carol said.
After that, Carol dragged Lady Beatrice outside in full view of Noah Rockefeller and the others. She then started to rip Lady Beatrice’s clothes apart.
Now, Lady Beatrice was left with only an adorable, pink, cartoon-style bra.
“Hey, let me do it!” he quickly said.
With that, Levi reached out to grab the only remaining garment on Lady Beatrice’s body.
Alex knew he couldn’t watch idly by any longer.
He punched the outer wall of the villa. The entire building was violently shaken. In fact, a huge hole the size of a door appeared in the wall, three meters wide and two meters tall.
Alex walked inside just like that!
“Alex… Alex Rockefeller!” When Lady Beatrice saw Alex, she thought she was in a dream. In the next moment, she burst into tears.


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