The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2006

Chapter 2006 If it were before, why would Colton have any concerns? 

Deep down, Freyja’s heart was filled with mixed feelings at this moment, and she could not tell them apart. On the one hand, it was Deedee who was very dependent and only wanted to stay with her. On the other hand, it was her child’s father and the man she loved. 

“Why are you standing at the door?” A voice pulled her back to reality 

She exchanged gazes with Colton, hesitated for a bit, and then walked into the study. “What did the therapist tell you? 

“He didn’t say much.” Colton put the documents away. Upon recalling something, he added, ” I’ll find some kids to come over to accompany her tomorrow. Although they’re slightly older than she is, they should be able to mix well” 

Freyja was astounded and seemed to have realized something 

While she was in Yaramoor, apart from FTV.1, Deedee would only stay with the nanny When it came to friends, she had only played with the nanny’s granddaughter, but they did not keep in touch all day, every day. She used to think that Deedee did not like to mix with other children of the same age, but that was not true 

Deedee was an introvert and not good at being sociable, and she felt inferior. And because she had no friends to play with, she would only stick with the people who were close to her 

If she had friends to play with, maybe she would become more outgoing, cheerful, and confident 

The next day, Daisie’s name made it onto Google Trends’ hottest topic again. The title was ” Kissing in the Car”. The paparazzi revealed that the man’s identity was Zephir Gosling, the eldest descendant of the Goslings, who had just returned from studying abroad. To make it worse, the fact that he had invested in the new project was exposed too. 

As the public knew, the role of “Nancy Hanks” in Shannon Fallon’s latest project was set to be played by Daisie, and Zephir had just invested $30,000,000 into that project, so it was obvious that he had done so for Daisie. 

Originally, the netizens thought that Zephir was the significant other that Daisie had announced to the public. However, they soon realized that Zephir was still abroad when Daisie made the announcement and had only returned to Zlokova recently. Thus, everyone who saw the news was furious now. 

There were speculations that Daisie was cheating on her partner. There were also speculations that Daisie did not have a so-called fiance/husband, and the engagement was only a marketing stunt used to hype her career. And, of course, the reason Daisie did not disclose the other party’s identity was to wait for him to return to Zlokova. 

James walked to Daisie’s studio with the newspaper and opened the door. “Did you just cheat on your fiance?” 

Daisie was drinking water and was choked by his abrupt appearance. “Have you lost your mind? Who told you that I cheated!?” 

He placed the newspaper in front of her. “This kiss in the car is trending now!” 

Daisie snatched the newspaper. This photo looked even worse than that from the last news article. 

Zephir had been helping her with the seatbelt in the car the other day, but because he had gotten a little too close, in addition to the angle where the photo was taken and misalignment, it really looked like they were kissing. 

James crossed his arms, walked to the couch, and sat down. “What’s the use of your fiance being so good-looking? You still cheated on him at the end of the day.” 

“Stop bullsh*ting here!” Daisie’s expression looked stern, and it did not sound like she was joking at all. “We’re just friends, and he was only fastening my seatbelt at the time out of courtesy. It’s not a kiss! Those paparazzi are just making crap up!” 

James spread his hands. “Your friend fastened your seatbelt for you and got so close to you? Who would choose to believe in you if you were to respond to the photo with this explanation?” 

“That’s because…” 

Daisie stopped abruptly, not because she wanted to hide anything but because James’ words had caused her to fall deep into contemplation. ‘I was extremely startled when Zephir approached me all of a sudden, saying that he was helping me with the seatbelt. I’ve always felt that something was wrong, but I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what it was. 

Her phone rang at this moment, and it was Colton calling. 

She answered the call. “Colton.” Colton’s tone did not sound very friendly. “Has that b*stard, Zephir, returned to Zlokova?”


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