The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1097

For Lady Beatrice Ass*x, Alex Rockefeller was practically her guardian angel that had descended from above. During the most difficult times of her life, he would show up and help her, just like an angel.
In fact, Lady Beatrice had just made up her mind about something. Regardless of what Alex requested of her, she would not
refuse him. That included spreading her legs for him!
“Alex Rockefeller?”
Members of the Rockefeller family, however, were shocked to see Alex breaking the wall and walking inside.
They feared Alex from the bottom of their hearts.
Noah Rockefeller took three steps back. “Why… Why are you here?”
Alex had a cold, emotionless look in his eyes. “I thought that apart from John Rockefeller and Bill Rockefeller, other members of the Rockefeller family should be able to tell what’s good and what’s bad, or at least distinguish between right and wrong, as well as not crossing one’s limit. But from the looks of it, birds of a feather flock together. All of you are rotten to the core,” Alex said.
Carol Rockefeller suddenly grabbed a fruit knife beside her and pushed it against Lady Beatrice’s neck. “Alex, you came just in time. I don’t have to go looking for you. Now, kneel before me. Otherwise, I’ll stab her in the neck,” Carol looked at Alex and said.
She then exerted a little force with her hand.
The sharp edge of the fruit knife pierced through the skin on Lady Beatrice’s neck. A stream of blood started flowing out. It hurt so much that Lady Beatrice cried out loudly. Tears streamed down her face. “Alex, save me! Please…”
However, Alex didn’t move at all. “Carol, do you know what she used to call me? Trashy Rockefeller! Loser! Or even a toad! Do you think I would kneel before you for a woman like this? If you’re going to kill her, do it quickly. I’ll even have to thank you for it,” Alex said.
When Lady Beatrice heard this, her face turned pale, and her limbs went cold. Now, she felt highly remorseful for all the things she had said and done to Alex.
Carol didn’t doubt the things Alex said because she knew very well how he lived in the Ass*x family. There was no reason for Alex to want to rescue Lady Beatrice.
“Hmph!” Carol snorted coldly. She knew that Lady Beatrice was of no use against Alex. But considering that she still needed her legs for Natalie Rockefeller, she didn’t kill her.
Right then, Levi started shouting. “Listen up, my four ghost servants. Capture this person alive!”
As soon as Levi said this, the Four Great Ghost Servants from Witch Doctor Sect pounced at Alex in unison. They moved very quickly, but Alex moved even quicker. He charged toward Carol.
Carol thought Alex wanted to take her hostage.
Heart pounding, Carol subconsciously pushed Lady Beatrice over to Alex while she hid behind Levi. However, to her surprise, Alex caught Lady Beatrice by her waist and backed away to a coffin nearby. He kicked forcefully against the coffin.
The coffin was sent flying toward the ghost servants who were charging at him.
There was a loud collision when the black coffin knocked against the ghost servants. It instantly shattered into pieces, and shards of wood flew in all directions. However, the ghost servants were completely unharmed. They merely took a step back.
‘Half-stepped Grandmasters!’
‘Four of them too!’
When Alex realized this, his heart pounded wildly. This was going to be a difficult fight. Most importantly… He needed to protect Lady Beatrice. She was a university student who knew nothing about fighting. In a high level battle like this, she’d get injured at the very least. In the worst case scenario, she might even die from the impact. It was relatively troublesome.
Boom… boom… boom… boom… boom… boom…
The four ghost servants had rather strong powers, and they weren’t afraid of dying at all.
After fending off their attacks several times, Alex felt a slight pain in his arm bones.
These fellows had hardier bodies than of ordinary Grandmasters.
If Alex didn’t have the Mystic Armor, and if he was an ordinary Grandmaster, his hands would’ve been broken.
When Carol saw how Alex was forced into the corner and being suppressed by his opponents, she started laughing loudly. “Alex, you b*stard. Aren’t you very powerful? Didn’t you claim to be an expert martial artist? Go on, keep boasting! Let’s see if the Four Great Ghost Servants will beat you to death or not!”
“Why did you lie to me? Why are you still protecting that b*tch? Didn’t you say you hated her? She called you a loser and a toad. Why are you still protecting her? You really are a jerk!”
At that point, tears had already covered Lady Beatrice’s face.


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