The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2008

Chapter 2008 If Deedee really flicked the girl on purpose with a rubber band, there must be a reason behind 


Unexpectedly, Deedee blurted out, “I don’t like her.” 

Freyja was stunned and frowned. “You flicked her with a rubber band only because you don’t like her?” 

Deedee refuted loudly, “She’s the one who pushed me first!” 

“Deedee!” Freyja yelled at her abruptly as the atmosphere got tense in the room. 

When she subconsciously returned to her senses, Deedee had already run out of the room. 

Freyja went downstairs after her. “Deedee, don’t run 


Her stomach cramped all of a sudden, causing her to stop at the entryway. The nanny immediately stepped forward to support her. “Young lady!” 

Freyja gnashed her teeth, and beads of cold sweat rolled down her forehead and cheeks. “Go after Deedee…” 

Colton received a call and hurried back to the villa, 

After listening to what had happened from the nanny, he walked into the bedroom with a sullen expression, 

Freyja was leaning against the head of the bed with a pillow behind her waist, and she looked as if she felt a lot more relieved after a short rest. 

Colton stopped by the bedside. “I’ll call the doctor to come and take a look at you.” 

He took out his cell phone, but Freyja stopped him. “I’m fine now. The most urgent task you should attend to now is locating Deedee…” 

His expression dimmed in an instant, and she could not tell whether he was upset or straight up exasperated. “Deep down, neither you nor the baby is as important as Deedee, right?” 

Freyja was dumbfounded, “That’s not what I’m thinking.” 

“Then shut up and get a good rest. I’ve already sent a few bodyguards out to look for her.” His voice sounded eerily calm and unconcerned. 

Freyja could see that he was angry and was worried that he would take his anger on Deedee, so she suggested, “Just leave Deedee’s matter to me. I’ll resolve it by myself.” 

Colton looked at her with a faint hint of coldness beaming from his eyes. “You didn’t agree to get officially married to me the other night because of Deedee, right?” 

Freyja paused for a few seconds, lowered her gaze, and did not answer his question. 

He took a deep breath and asserted indifferently, “I told you, I don’t mind raising her, but if she doesn’t stay put and insists on making a fuss all the time, I won’t keep her here. I know you’ll definitely compromise for her, but I don’t hope that we’ll get to the day when you have to choose between her and me.” 

After Colton said that, he turned around, walked to the door, and stopped. “You should rest first. I’ll get someone out there to find Deedee.” 

Freyja lowered her gaze. ‘Colton has already made the biggest concession to the matter, while I… I guess it’s time for me to make a decision.’ 

Deedee had run out to the lively streets, High-rise buildings surrounded her, and people came and went, but she was unfamiliar with the city and did not know where to go, so she could only sit at a bus stop on the side of a road. Seeing that Freyja did not chase after her, she felt distressed. Feeling frightened and helpless, she regretted running out of the house and could only cry silently. 

That was until a silhouette blocked the light in front of her eyes. She lifted her head, and her pupils constricted as she trembled from head to toe. 

At the Seaview Villa, in the study… 

Colton interlocked his fingers, rested his chin on the back of his hands, and stared at the computer screen. He inquired the nanny about today’s matter, and the nanny told him that Deedee had flicked a girl’s inouth with a rubber band. 

After checking the courtyard surveillance video that was recorded earlier today, Colton found out that it was the girl who wanted to grab the doll in Deedee’s hand. Deedee refused to let it go, so she pushed Deedee, and that was why Deedee flicked the girl’s mouth with a rubber band. 

The girl started crying immediately, but Deedee just stood still and did not try to defend herself. 

The phone rang, and Colton answered it. The other party reported that they had not found Deedee. 

He closed his eyes and rubbed the bridge of his nose. “Continue searching for her. She’s not familiar with the city and shouldn’t have gone too far.” Meanwhile, in a motel… 

Sandy took off her hat, pushed Deedee into the room, and locked the door. Deedee stood there, and her body trembled vigorously.


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