The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1098

Previously, when Alex Rockefeller said he would thank Carol Rockefeller for killing her, Lady Beatrice Ass*x felt that her world really was falling into pieces. She liked Alex secretly, and she thought about him every day. However, he wished she was dead. The pain from such contrasting feelings suffocated her.
Now, she finally understood.
What happened earlier was part of Alex’s plan so that Carol would let her guard down. Lady Beatrice felt dumb as well. If he didn’t care about her, why would he show up now? He could’ve waited for Levi Bayer to molest her and even break her legs before he showed up. In fact, he could’ve just not shown up at all!
“Young Master Bayer, get the ghost servants to attack that woman. I think there must be something between Alex and his ex-sister-in-law. Otherwise, why would he be so concerned about her?” Carol suddenly said.
Levi could sense it too. “Ghost One and Ghost Two, attack that woman. Ghost Three and Ghost Four, continue attacking Alex,” he instantly ordered.
As soon as he gave the order, two ghost servants went after Lady Beatrice, one on her left and the other on her right.
This put a lot of pressure on Alex.
In fact, Alex had to use the Mystic Armor to withstand Ghost Three and Ghost Four’s attacks. Meanwhile, he went to rescue Lady Beatrice.
Bam! Bam! Bam!
The ghost servants had very strong bodies.
Their power and speed were also much greater than ordinary martial artists.
When they struck Alex’s body, it was almost as if he had been struck by solid metal. From the perspective of others, Alex was already breathing his dying breath.
Seeing all this ached Lady Beatrice’s heart greatly. Suddenly, she pushed Alex away. “Alex, don’t care about me anymore. You should escape. Without me dragging you down, you will be able to make it out alive.”
“Shut up!” Alex yelled angrily.
Carol chuckled. “You really are a loving couple. Alex, I can give you a chance. If you kneel before me and lick my toes, I’ll let you two live.”
Carol still needed to use Lady Beatrice’s legs anyway. Meanwhile, Alex couldn’t be killed yet. The Witch Doctor Sect still wanted to acquire the Immortal Doctor’s legacy from him.
That was why she said those things.
Alex’s eyes narrowed. “Carol, do you think you’re definitely going to win? A few zombies can’t hurt me!”
Alex had already tried several methods earlier. He even tried using his mental power. However, these four ghost servants weren’t ordinary people.
They were creatures born of half-living beings and half zombies.
Hence, Alex’s mental power had no effect on them. Alex even tried using his mental power on Levi. In the end, he realized that Levi seemed to have a mystical tool that protected him from being disturbed by mental powers. That was why Alex was in such a sorry state.
“Take this! Galactic Strike!” Alex yelled while he reached out into the air. The over a meter long Dragon Bone Sword appeared in his hand.
The Dragon Bone Sword struck Ghost Three’s head at the speed of lightning.
Ghost Three’s head was split apart by the sword. Dark green blood flowed out from his head.
Ghost Three had died!
Meanwhile, Alex took this opportunity to rapidly dash out of the villa with Lady Beatrice in his arms.
“Ahh…! Ghost Three!”
When Levi saw that Alex actually killed ghost Three from the Four Great Ghost Servants with a single sword attack, his eyes opened wide in shock. He couldn’t accept this fact. These four ghost servants were his father’s treasures. He had spent decades raising them.
“Go after him! You must capture him!”


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