The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1099

After Alex Rockefeller, Lady Beatrice Ass*x, and three ghost servants charged out of the villa one after the other, Noah Rockefeller and his wife had finally recovered from their shock amid much difficulty. However, when they looked at Ghost Three’s corpse on the ground, they still trembled a little.
“His blood… Why is it in that color?” Noah pointed at the dark green blood on the ground and stammered.
Levi Bayer’s face became sullen. “You don’t have to care about that. The Four Great Ghost Servants only turned into this because they cultivated a special kind of martial arts. I didn’t expect Rockefeller’s martial arts to be this strong. He could even kill one of the ghost servants.”
Carol Rockefeller frowned.
Now, she was an Intermediate-Mystic ranked martial artist, and she knew quite a bit about martial arts.
At first, she thought that no matter how powerful Alex seemed, he should at most be only an Earth-ranked martial artist. However, in reality, even four half-stepped Grandmasters couldn’t take him down. One of them even ended up being killed by him.
Carol’s legs trembled when she thought about it. If Alex went after her from the beginning, she would’ve probably been dead by now.
“Damn it!”
“Why is that b*stard so strong?”
“Oh, right. What was the sword he used to kill Ghost Three? Where did he get it from?”
Carol’s words made Levi clench his fists tightly.
Whether it was a spiritual tool or Alex’s cultivation, Levi had never seen it before. Naturally, he didn’t understand too.
“Perhaps it’s a sword he fastened around his waist.”
Noah usually liked watching television shows about martial arts. When he said this, it did sound reasonable. However, what Noah said after that made Levi jump on his feet.
“Could all three of your subordinates end up being killed by Alex too? His sword is too powerful,” Noah said.
Levi wondered if his father would be outraged if all the Four Great Ghost Servants he’d been given were gone.
Meanwhile, Carol’s eyes darted around. She thought that Alex would definitely return if the Four Great Ghost Servants were dead. When that happened, it would be terrible. Hence, she needed to prepare for it in advance.
Alex activated the thunderous might beneath his feet. With Lady Beatrice Ass*x in his arms, he still moved at lightning speed.
After running out from the villa, he directly ran up the hill. That’s because this villa neighborhood was at the hill’s halfway point.
Meanwhile, the three ghost servants followed closely behind.
If this scene of them moving at such high speed was seen in the busy part of the town, it would have induced a great deal of fear.
The three ghost servants at half-step Grandmaster rank let out a loud roar in unison. The Yin energy in their bodies surged yet again, and their speed increased even further. The fastest one among them suddenly leaped into the air and reached out with his claw. He actually managed to grab the only bra strap on Lady Beatrice’s body.
Lady Beatrice felt a tightness in her upper body. After that, she felt chilly. The only remaining piece of cloth on her body was gone. She shouted in surprise. Without any other choice, she had to cover up her bare chest with one hand.
However, she still needed her other hand to wrap around Alex’s neck. Otherwise, she would fall off. Lady Beatrice took a peek at Alex. She seemed awfully embarrassed.
With Alex’s fast pace, it was effortless for Lady Beatrice’s chest to press against his face!
‘What the heck?’ Alex cursed in his heart helplessly.
This was also why he chose to run up the hill. Otherwise, if people in the busy part of town saw Lady Beatrice like this and took photos of her, Alex’s innocence would be questioned. More importantly, once Lady Dorothy Ass*x saw the photos, he wouldn’t be able to explain himself.
When Alex turned around, he noticed that the fellow who had torn off Lady Beatrice’s bra had actually placed it close to his nose and was sniffing at it. He seemed to despise the smell a great deal. After a shudder, he immediately tossed the bra aside.
“Eh?” Alex was stunned for a moment.
Did the ghost servants hate the scent on Lady Beatrice’s body?
What kind of smell did she have?
Alex himself took a whiff. Immediately, he caught a scent unique only to women.
A thought occurred to Alex. “Did your feminine fluid come out?” he asked.


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