The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2009

Chapter 2009 

Sandy pulled the chair over, sat down, and sneered, “What’s wrong? Has that aunt of yours started to despise you and kicked you out?” 

She finally found out where Freyja was living and thought about how to find them without letting Colton find out about her plan. She did not expect to run into Deedee, who had run away from the villa. 

Deedee shook her head timidly. 

Sandy stood up, walked in front of her, and pinched her chin. “Deedee, if you listened to me back then, why would I hit you willingly? And if it weren’t for Nollace Knowles, why would your parents leave you behind? 

“And that aunt of yours. Before we came here, I already told you that she’d ignore you as long as she got married to that man, but you just wouldn’t believe in what I said.” 

Deedee burst into tears and sobbed softly. “A Aunty Freyja didn’t say that she doesn’t want to keep me anymore… It’s just that Aunty Freyja now has a baby.” 

Sandy was astonished, then squinted her eyes immediately. “Is what you said true?” 

“That b*tch actually got pregnant?’ 

She suddenly remembered Freyja’s nauseated reaction the other day, and everything made sense to her now. 

‘It turns out that she’s gotten pregnant even before getting married. She has paved her path into the Goldmanns with the child’s help. This b*tch is indeed more capable than I am.” 

She leaned over and stroked the top of Deedee’s head with a meaningful smirk on her face.” Then why not let me help you? After all, you should hope that Aunt Freyja will stay by your side forever, shouldn’t you?” 

All afternoon, the people that Colton sent out could not find Deedee. 

Freyja was waiting anxiously. Although Colton had already sent someone out to look for her, she could not guarantee that Colton would really care about Deedee enough to put in his best effort. 

‘After all, he does have concerns and fears about what Deedee did. 

‘Deedee isn’t related to him, but he’s willing to take her in and even said that he’ll raise her until she reaches adulthood. That might be the final concession that he’ll make for Deedee.’ 

Freyja also knew that if she asked too much for Deedee, Colton would get even more disgusted by Deedee’s existence, 

After thinking about it, she went straight into the study. “Colton, can we talk?” Colton was flipping through some documents casually. He raised his head, stared at her, and asked, “What do you wish to talk about?” 

“I know you’re angry with Deedee. I’m also responsible for the incident that Deedee caused. I 

was the one who neglected my responsibility in educating her before this, but you have my word that if we manage to get Deedee back, I’ll make it clear to her that I’ll be raising her together with my father. 

“Then I’ll send her back to the Pruitt residence for a few years and then bring her back to my side and raise her for a few more years. When Deedee reaches adulthood and has her owni thoughts about leaving us or staying with us, that’s when we’ll let her decide.” 

She could not have thought of a better way. The only way out of this matter was that she and her father would take turns raising Deedee for a few years. Deedee lacked care and love throughout her whole life, but she knew that her father would definitely treat Deedee well. 

Colton was a little afraid about her well-being now that she was pregnant. Thus, if Freyja were to keep making Colton’s life difficult, she was afraid that Colton would one day forbid Deedee from seeing her in this life. 

She did owe it to Deedee, so she did not want things to go to that point. As such, that was the only way that she could come up with. 

Colton looked at her and frowned slightly. “Do you think I’m so selfish that I won’t take Deedee’s safety into consideration?” 

Freyja paused for a bit. “That’s not what I mean!” “Freyja, I hope you’ll have faith in me.” He stood up and walked around the corner of the desk and toward her. “And now isn’t the time to think about this matter. I promise you that I’ll find out Deedee’s whereabouts. 

“I’ve also looked into the surveillance footage. The girl was indeed the one who pushed Deedee first, which was why Deedee fought back. Even though what she did is wrong, we can’t just claim that this incident is all her fault. It’s only natural for me not to get down to the details and put all the blame on her.” 


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