The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2010

Chapter 2010 Freyja‘s heart skipped a beat. 

Colton took her into his arms and rested his chin on the top of her head. “I don‘t want us to_ quarrel because of Deedee, and I don‘t want you to think that I only care about the baby in your womb, and that‘s why I‘m forcing you to separate yourself from Deedee. 

“I know that she‘s been staying with you since she was born, and you‘ve carried out your duty as an aunt, so it‘s not too late for you to make the decision after you‘ve given birth to the baby.” He did not want to force hey into making a choice now, so he was giving her more time to think about it. 

As long as Deedee lived under his nose and a nanny watched over her, he could rest assured. 

Freyja‘s chest undulated vigorously, and tears welled up in her eyes immediately. “Colton, thank you.” 

Colton gently wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes. “So, don‘t think about it anymore. I want you and our baby to be well: Promise me that you’ll keep having faith in me no matter what happens.” Colton carried Freyja back to the bedroom, placed her down on the bed, and allowed her to get a good rest first. 

He then walked out of the bedroom, took out his cell phone, and there was a text message. 

[Ms. Deedee has been taken away by Mrs. Pruitt.) Colton quietly and expressionlessly put the phone away and went downstairs. 

In a seaside town, in a homestay… 

The room looked antique and was decorated in a profound classical design. The cyan curtain beside the bed was rolled up, and the carved wooden screen separated the bedroom and living room. 

Nollace was in his casual attire and was sitting in front of the coffee table, brewing tea. He used the tea filter to separate the tea leaves from the tea and poured the tea into a well decorated ceramic tea cup. 

Edison walked around the screen and came in. “Mr. Knowles, rumor has it that Donald‘s men have settled down in this town. They‘re the ones who brought Sandy here.” Nollace picked up the teacup and slowly drank from it. “How many people are there?” Edison replied, “Four, and you should know one of them. He‘s Donald‘s confidant, Bear.” Bear had been following Donald around when Donald was at the peak of his career. 

After what happened to Donald three years ago, the underground black market went down together with him, and the police arrested his subordinates. Unfortunately, Bear escaped the police and disappeared. 

It seemed that Bear had been hiding all these years, and Donald ur hlota un 

because he most probably received some help from Bear. Nollace lifted his gaze. “Have you spread the news?” Edison nodded. “It‘s estimated that Bear will soon know that you‘re here.” On the other side of the city… When Bear learned of Nollace‘s whereabouts, he became complacent and started fiddling with the fruit knife in his hand. “Finally! That b*stard can no longer hold it back and has probed his head out in the wilderness. This is what I‘ve been waiting for over all these years, him taking the bait.” 1 

The man who reported to him glanced at him. “Then, shall we take this opportunity to end him here?” 

Bear sneered. “Kill him? Don‘t worry. Everything will be decided after we notify Mr. Matthews about this.” 

In the middle of the night… 

A thunderstorm pierced through the dark sky, and the lightning that split the sky brightened the sky abruptly and woke up Daisie. Her pillow was soaked in a cold sweat as if she had just had a nightmare. She dreamed that Nollace was dead, so she sat on the bed, feeling all flustered and devastated. 

A warm yellow light lit up the dark bedroom. Daisie got out of bed and stopped behind the French window. It was raining cats and dogs outside the window, and the rain seemed to have covered all the surrounding buildings. Thunder was bursting all around, and lightning flashed across the night sky. She closed the curtains, walked back to the bed, sat down, picked up her phone, found Nollace‘s phone number, and called him. She waited until she heard Nollace‘s voice. “Daisie?” Daisie heaved a sigh of relief and lowered her gaze. “Nollace, I had a dream that something bad happened to you.” Nollace let out a faint chuckle, and his voice sounded a little hoarse. “Dreams aren‘t real, and they‘re always the opposite of reality. I‘m still fine, ain‘t I?” 


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