The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1101

“Lady Beatrice, let go of him! ” Aunt Rockefeller couldn’t bear to watch it anymore. She started yelling angrily at Lady Beatrice Ass*x.
Lady Beatrice was shocked. Her body shook while she turned around and looked at Aunt Rockefeller, who seemed awfully cold. “Who… Who is she? Is she your girlfriend too?” Lady Beatrice asked softly.
Alex Rockefeller felt somewhat awkward being hugged by Lady Beatrice like this too. He didn’t know where to put his hands. “No,” he said.
“She’s so fierce. She talks like my sister,” Lady Beatrice croaked softly.
Alex pushed Lady Beatrice away. “She’s my auntie! Sigh, let go of me first. You’re covered in that kind of blood. You’ve soiled my clothes too,” Alex said.
Lady Beatrice was a little shocked.
But how could she let go?
“I… I don’t even have any clothes on. I can’t let go. If I do, I’d be completely exposed,” Lady Beatrice said.
“You can wear mine,” replied Alex immediately.
A minute later, Alex took his own t-shirt off and pulled it over Lady Beatrice. After their bodies were separated, he felt a little better. Otherwise, it really was too awkward.
Alex turned around to look at Aunt Rockefeller. “Auntie, do you know her?”
Aunt Rockefeller snorted. “Is it odd that I know her? I left the family to look after you. Shouldn’t I have found out a few things about you? Based on what I know, Lady Beatrice isn’t exactly on good terms with you. On top of that, she’s also your sister-in-law. How could you hug each other like this? Lady Beatrice, could you have fallen for your brother-in-law?”
Aunt Rockefeller spoke the final sentence while looking at Lady Beatrice.
Lady Beatrice instantly blushed. “He’s no longer my brother-in-law. My sister divorced him long ago,” she said with a shy expression on her face.
“Is that why you think you can rightfully pursue him? Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?” Aunt Rockefeller asked.
Lady Beatrice felt aggrieved by those words, and her blood started to boil. “Why should I be ashamed? He’s unmarried, and so am I. What if I like him? Besides, he’s saved me several times. It’s normal for me to want to give myself to him in return!”
Alex rubbed his forehead. “Lady Beatrice, stop talking. It’s impossible for you and me to be together.”
Lady Beatrice immediately burst into tears. “Why not? I know I was wrong before. I misunderstood you and blamed you wrongly. I even caused you trouble all the time. Our family didn’t treat you right. Will you accept my apology? If you’re angry, you can hit me or yell at me. Give me a chance to make it up to you, will you? I know you’re Mask. I was so bitter about you keeping it a secret from me. You’ve already seen me naked several times. Last time, you even did that to me on the island… How could I still like someone else? It’s no longer possible for me to fall for anyone else,” Lady Beatrice wailed.
After Lady Beatrice said all this, Aunt Rockefeller had an extremely odd expression on her face.
Alex quickly coughed two times in succession. “Alright, stop talking. I didn’t have a choice back then. I already have a girlfriend now,” Alex said.
To his surprise, Lady Beatrice continued to speak. “I know you have more than one girlfriend. I… I don’t mean being one of them.”
“Are you crazy?” Aunt Rockefeller couldn’t stand listening any longer.
For some reason, she seemed to be unusually angry with how Lady Beatrice behaved.
Meanwhile, Alex also turned around and looked at Aunt Rockefeller with a slightly surprised look on his face. That was because Aunt Rockefeller sounded a little weird when she spoke earlier. Moreover, she was a powerful woman who seemed calm even amid great trouble. She rarely seemed this emotional.
In the end, Aunt Rockefeller seemed a little annoyed with herself. “Forget it. I can’t be bothered with your nasty stuff. However, you and Alex are from two different worlds.”
After a pause, Aunt Rockefeller changed the subject. “Tell me. What happened here? Where did those three zombies come from? How is she involved?”
Alex looked at the three ghost servants’ corpses. “Carol found them and brought them here. Now, she’s become acquainted with the young master from Witch Doctor Sect. These were probably raised by Witch Doctor Sect. As for Beatrice, Carol wanted to remove her legs and give them to her little sister.”
“That’s outrageous! ” Aunt Rockefeller said.
“This matter is caused by my relation to the Ass*x family. Carol hates my guts, and she wanted to torture the sisters from the Ass*x family. In fact, she even wanted to give them to the young master from Witch Doctor Sect as a toy. If I hadn’t bumped into her on the road today, she’d be in huge trouble,” Alex said.
“Carol Rockefeller deserves to die!” Aunt Rockefeller exclaimed.
Right then, Lady Beatrice suddenly remembered something. “Oh, right. My mother was injured. She was punched by one of these monsters, and she spat out blood. When I was kidnapped, she passed out. I wonder how she’s doing now.”
Aunt Rockefeller glanced at Lady Beatrice. “Alex, go and check on your mother-in-law. A punch from these zombies isn’t something to be taken lightly. Perhaps, her life might even be in danger. Leave the stuff here to me!”


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