The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1102

Alex Rockefeller nodded.
Although Madame Claire Ass*x was annoying, she was still his mother-in-law, and it was a matter of life and death.
Alex immediately brought Lady Beatrice Ass*x with him and rushed to the Ass*x family’s villa.
Meanwhile, as Aunt Rockefeller watched the two speed away, she patted her head as if she had a headache. In the next moment, her gaze turned extremely cold and furious.
Wham! Wham! Wham!
She struck each of the three ghost servants on their chests with her palm. Each of the ghost servants then spat out a green bead from their mouths.
These beads were called Zombie Pills.
“Indeed, these creatures were made from living beings. It’s completely inhumane!”
“Young master of Witch Doctor Sect, I’ve got my eyes on you!”
Aunt Rockefeller put the three Zombie Pills away before directly tossing the three corpses down a crevasse. After that, she started walking down the hill.
Meanwhile, Levi Bayer, who was waiting for good news in the villa, suddenly heard a soft, snapping sound. His facial expression changed, and he quickly retrieved a blood-colored jade necklace from his pocket. This was a mystical tool that had a soul connection with the Four Great Ghost Servants.
It was extremely essential.
He was only able to control the Four Great Ghost Servants through this mystical tool. It was the only way he could communicate with them in a normal manner. Otherwise, ghost servants were principally unable to speak because their bodies had been turned into zombies. They were difficult to control, and it was impossible to give them orders.
But now, this blood-colored jade pendant was actually cracking apart from the center. It proved that the souls of all Four Great Ghost Servants had been destroyed.
Levi’s mouth was wide open. While holding the jade pendant, his entire body trembled.
Even four ghost servants at half-stepped Grandmaster rank, whose physical strength and speed was comparable to Grandmasters, had been killed by Alex in one go. If he was caught by Alex, would he even be able to survive?
“Run!” Levi didn’t say anything else, departing immediately from the Rockefeller family’s villa.
When Carol Rockefeller saw him like this, she too knew what had happened. She had already prepared in advance, and she had already held the haunting baby in her arms. As soon as Levi left, she followed him out the door. However, in the end, she still turned around to face Noah Rockefeller and his wife. “Dad, Mom, you should run away quickly. It’ll be too late if you don’t leave now!”
Noah and Mariah Hamilton were both panicking. After thinking for a moment, they couldn’t care about anything else. They, too, brought Natalie Rockefeller along as they escaped out of the villa. They didn’t even have time to take their luggage and money with them.
Meanwhile, not long after members of the Rockefeller family had left, Aunt Rockefeller managed to find the villa.
Previously, she forgot to ask Alex about the precise location of the villa. Hence, she took some time to find this place. She was only able to find the exact location through the connection between the Zombie Pills.
Unfortunately, by the time she made it, the place was already empty.
However, she still managed to acquire the final Zombie Pill.
Not long after Aunt Rockefeller left, the villa burst into flames for some unknown reason. The entire villa unit was engulfed in flames within the blink of an eye.
On the other hand, Alex and Lady Beatrice had finally made it to the Ass*x family’s villa entrance. But they found out that Madame Claire Ass*x wasn’t at her original spot.
She had gone missing.


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