The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1103

Madame Claire Ass*x’s car was still around, but she was missing.
“Where’s my mother?”
“Where did she go?”
Lady Beatrice Ass*x was in a frenzy. She tugged at her hair and scratched her face. She was so worried that tears came streaming down her face. It was clear that she was on excellent terms with her mother.
Right then, a security guard quickly ran over. “Miss Ass*x, why are you covered in blood?”
Lady Beatrice couldn’t be bothered to explain. “Did you see my mother? Her car is here, but why isn’t she here?” she hurriedly asked.
“Your mother has been taken to the hospital. Now, she’s already at First City Hospital. My colleagues and I took her there together,” the security guard quickly said.
Alex and Lady Beatrice quickly got into the car and headed to First City Hospital.
Fortunately, Lady Beatrice’s phone was still in the car. She quickly gave her sister, Lady Dorothy Ass*x, a call. She didn’t expect to receive a notification that Lady Dorothy’s phone was turned off.
“Oh my goodness. This is worrying. Why does my sister always have her phone turned off these days?” Lady Beatrice mumbled.
Alex chuckled. “Don’t worry. With me around, your mother won’t die! Isn’t there a saying that goes, good people don’t live long, but terrible people live a thousand years? Your mother is such a terrible person. She’d at least live a few centuries,” he joked.
Lady Beatrice looked at Alex, dumbfounded.
“Alex, do you hate my mother a lot?” she asked after a while.
Alex chuckled softly. “I don’t have to.”
“She… To be honest, she used to be a really nice person. After a while, that b*stard cheated on her. She caught him with another woman in bed. That was what triggered her temper! She does actually deserve pity. If another woman went through what she has, she might have killed herself already,” Lady Beatrice said.
“Did you see it happen?” Alex was shocked.
Lady Beatrice nodded.
After a pause, her expressions turned sullen. There was an unusual emotion in her eyes. “That day, I happened to be checking out my mother’s art exhibition. After that, she received a call from some woman and rushed out. I followed her…”
Madame Claire used to be a painter. Alex knew a little about this. Her art pieces were quite good too. A few of those were in the villa.
However, ever since Alex knew her, he’d never seen her paint before. Perhaps, she was too severely affected by the fact that her husband cheated on her. That’s why she thoroughly gave up on painting.
“After that, I thought that the phone call might very likely be from that woman. She intentionally called my mother.”
“At the time, my mother broke in through the door angrily, and she wanted to hit that woman. In the end, my father even helped that woman. I’ve never seen him like that. He didn’t look like my father at all. He was like a madman!”
“He hit my mother as if he wanted to kill her. He pushed her to the ground, and she knocked her head against the table, and she bled profusely. However, he didn’t even care about her. He even hit me. From then on, I no longer had a father,” Lady Beatrice explained.
Alex felt his tongue tied after listening to what she said. This was the first time he heard about this. Lady Dorothy Ass*x had never told him about it.
“Didn’t you tell your sister?” Alex asked.
“No!” Lady Beatrice shook her head.
“Back then, my sister was preparing for her university entrance exam,” she added.
Alex looked at Lady Beatrice in surprise.
Back when this matter happened, Lady Beatrice was only thirteen or fourteen. She was already very mature at that age. Alex could imagine how that incident must have left a huge shadow over her conscience.
Alex sighed, but he couldn’t find the words to console her.
“Don’t worry. As long as your mother still breathes, I can rescue her!” Alex said.
When they arrived at the hospital, Alex was stopped by the security guard at the door because he wasn’t wearing any shirt.
Lady Beatrice sniffed. “Sir, my mother is receiving emergency treatment in the hospital. We just got into a car accident. Look, my brother gave his shirt to me. Please be kind and let us enter!”
The security guard pitied Lady Beatrice because her body was covered in blood. Most importantly, she was a pretty girl!
“The hospital has its rules, but I have a solution!” The security guard removed his uniform and gave it to Alex. “Little brother and little sister, hurry up and go in!”
After entering the hospital, Alex sighed. “Indeed, girls who are pretty and know how to act pitiful have some kind of advantage,” he said.
Lady Beatrice’s eyes lit up. “Do you admit that I’m pretty now? In that case, let me be your girlfriend! I will do anything for you.”
Alex’s heart pounded for a moment. However, he immediately started speaking. “After listening to your story earlier, I empathize with what you went through. I can forgive you for all the things that happened before, but you can forget about being my girlfriend or anything like that! You can still think of me as your brother-in-law.”


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