The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1104

“But you and my sister…” Lady Beatrice Ass*x gasped.
“In my heart, your sister will always be more important than you,” Alex Rockefeller said.
Lady Beatrice immediately felt disappointed.
With help from the hospital’s nurse, the two of them very soon found Madame Claire Ass*x. They didn’t expect her primary care doctor to be Cheryl Coney.
“I was just thinking if I should have called you earlier. Your mother-in-law’s condition is a little strange. I find it slightly hard to diagnose…” Cheryl said when she saw Alex.
After Cheryl spoke, she looked at Lady Beatrice.
She could immediately tell that Lady Beatrice was wearing Alex’s clothes.
Although Cheryl had many questions on her mind, she wasn’t the kind of woman who would keep asking until she got to the bottom of something. She also wouldn’t put Alex in a difficult situation. Hence, she pretended she saw nothing.
“Let me have a look at her!” Alex said.
Right then, Madame Claire was still unconscious. Alex checked her pulse before frowning a little.
“How is she?”
“Will my mother be alright?”
Cheryl and Lady Beatrice asked.
Alex let go of Madame Claire’s hand. “It’s not a huge problem. Don’t worry.”
Alex sensed ghastly energy in Madame Claire’s body. It was similar to the energy from the ghost servants. After being punched by one of the ghost servants, some ghastly energy probably infiltrated her body. However, Alex also sensed a tinge of spiritual power.
This was a little odd.
Due to the existence of this spiritual power, Madame Claire’s injury didn’t worsen. Instead, it was silently helping her to recover.
‘Could she have eaten spiritual rice?’ Alex wondered.
Alex had seen the spiritual grain and frosty octagon flowers Lady Dorothy Ass*x helped to plant for him. They seemed to be in pretty good condition. Some of the spiritual grains seemed to be growing well. After some time, Alex would be able to harvest them. It was nothing out of the ordinary for Lady Dorothy to cook some for Madame Claire to try.
“You two, wait outside. I’ll use acupuncture on her,” Alex said.
“It’ll take about ten minutes!” he added.
“Are you afraid I might secretly learn it?” Cheryl whispered softly next to Alex’s ear.
Alex chuckled. “Why would I be? If you want to learn it, I can teach you whenever you want.”
“You said it yourself. Come to my house tonight,” Cheryl said.
With that, Cheryl looked athis security outfit. She even adjusted his collar for him.
Alex suddenly recalled the incident of the Immortal Doctor’s legacy. Previously, he had been occupied and completely forgot about this. Nonetheless, talking about it in the hospital would be a little inconvenient. “Sure. I’ll give you a call tonight,” Alex said while he nodded.
When Lady Beatrice heard this, she frowned deeply and pouted. But she had no idea that Cheryl had said that in front of her intentionally. Cheryl didn’t have any good feelings toward the Ass*x family.
Soon, Alex and Madame Claire were the only people left in the room.
Alex hesitated for a moment. He then lifted Madame Claire’s dress.
Suddenly, her fair stomach was exposed. There was also a pitch-black punch mark above her belly button. This was also Why Alex insisted that Cheryl and Lady Beatrice waited outside. Otherwise, with Madame Claire wearing a traditional dress, it would be extremely awkward!
Alex gathered spiritual power in his palm and smacked it against the punch mark on Madame Claire’s stomach. A bout of dark energy was slowly forced out of her body by Alex.
Three minutes later, all the ghastly energy was gone. Right about then, Madame Claire woke up.
When she saw it was actually Alex touching her stomach, she was instantly stunned. She bounced up and slapped him across the face.


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