The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2015

Chapter 2015 

Frevia gnashed her teeth. “Mother, Deedee is innocent! You shouldn‘t treat her like this!” 

“Innocent?” Sandy sneered and lifted her chin with her cigarette holder. “That b*tch gave up her own life just to give birth to this useless piece of cr*p. She didn‘t even inherit the slightest shrewdness from her father. Who‘s to blame for that?” 1 

Freyja was trembling with anger. “You‘ve already forced her father to his death! Do you plan to push his only daughter in the same direction too?” 

Sandy slapped her ferociously. 

The half of her face that tushed away looked extremely discomposed. 

“Shut your mouth!” Sandy‘s expression looked horrifying. “Nollace Knowles is the one who killed Ken!” 

Freyja raised her head and laughed out loud, ignoring her swollen cheek. “You‘ve completely lost your sanity. You keep saying that Nollace is the person who killed Ken, but it‘s just your way of comforting yourself.“ “Presumptuous!” Sandy grabbed Freyja‘s hair. “You b*tch! How dare you piss me off right here!?” 

Freyja forced a smile. “I may be a b*tch, but I‘m still a piece of meat that came out of your body. However, I‘ve never expected you to feel bad for me. After all, you should‘ve strangled me to death. You shouldn‘t have let me live and made me bear all these sufferings that come from you!” The resentment surging from the bottom of her eyes was no less than that of Sandy’s. 

It was as if the hatred that had been accumulating over time had completely erupted at this moment, and she even regretted that she had been born into the arms of such a mother. Unfortunately, it was something that she could not even choosé. ‘Life would‘ve been better if I were to have died in her womb from the very beginning. 

‘Ever since I was born, I‘ve never been treated well and loved by my own mother. I‘ve always been superfluous to that family. I‘ve never gotten any warmth that anyone should get from their home, not even a hint of it. All I‘ve ever gotten is my own mother‘s cold and disdainful gaze. It‘s my home, but it‘s as if I‘ve been living the life of a foster child. Isn‘t that ironic? 

‘And the only good quality my cowardly father has taught me is perseverance and hope. I thought I was not as excellent as Ken back then, which is why my mother didn‘t acknowledge me. I also thought that as long as I was as sensible and obedient as Ken was, I could be accepted by my mother. ‘However, facts have proven to me that no matter how excellent and obedient I‘ve become, all I‘ll get is the usual disdain from my mother. ‘I sometimes wonder, if I were not Ken‘s younger sister but his younger brother, would my mother have treated me better? ‘However, one doesn‘t get so many iss in the world we live in.‘ “Grandma, please don‘t hit Aunty Fr—” Deedee rushed over and hugged Sandy‘s thigh, crying 

and begging her. Sandy kicked her away! There was no way that Deedee could take Sandy‘s kick with that tiny body of hers. She fell backward, the back of her head hit the ground, and she was motionless after that. Freyja witnessed this scene and exclaimed at the top of her lungs, “Deedee!” Sandy clicked her tongue, turned her head, and motioned for one of the men to check on the kid. “Check and see if she‘s dead.” ‘If she were to die here, it‘d be really troublesome.‘ The man felt a faint breath as he placed his fingers near Deedee‘s nostrils and replied, “She‘s still alive. She should‘ve fainted.” 

Freyja pushed the man aside, rushed to Deedee‘s side, picked her up from the ground, and covered the back of her head that hit the ground first. The first thing that she felt was a hint of warmth, and her palm became sticky. It was blood. “Deedee…” 

She recovered from the trance and immediately shouted, “Send Deedee to the hospital! Mother, for once in my life, I‘m begging you.” “She‘s not even your daughter. Even if she dies, this incident won‘t hinder you.” Sandy took a puff of smoke indifferently. “I heard Deedee say that you‘re pregnant. It‘s no wonder you can successfully get married to the Goldmanns and want to send Deedee away. After all, Deedee is just a burden to you now. If she dies, she dies.” 

Freyja‘s expression looked lifeless as every word that came out of Sandy‘s mouth seemed to pierce through her heart like a sharp blade. The dilemma, guilt, pain, all her feelings toward Colton, and her guilt toward Deedee were all surging frantically and helplessly to the surface of her heart. 


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