The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2016

Chapter 2016 Sandy was happy when she saw how devastated Freyja was. “Am I wrong? Would the Goldmanns be fine with you bringing her along? Fey, you need to know your place.” She raised Freyja‘s chin as if she was going to crush her jaw, her eyes filled with hatred. “Your brother is dead, so why do you get to be happy? You were born to help your brother, so you should just be a good doormat. Why did you have to work with that Knowles b*stard and kill your brother!” 

Sandy shoved her away. 

Freyja fell but protected heç belly. Sandy looked down at her. “But I‘m giving you a chance. If you want to save Deedee, you have to sacrifice the one in your womb.” 

Freyja‘s pupils shrunk, and she looked pale. “What did you say!?” 

“Do you think I will let you marry into the Goldmann family? Not a chance!” She smirked while looking maniacal. “If it weren‘t because of Nollace, you would already be Donald‘s. I owe him one, but I can‘t pay him back, so I have to offer my only daughter.” 

She shuddered. “Have you gone mad!?” 

She wanted to give her to Donald, the devil? 

Sandy waved her hand, and two buff men held her down while Sandy walked over with her high heels–her eyes were fixed on Freyja‘s belly. “Don‘t move. It‘ll be over soon.” 

She raised her leg and was going to stomp on her belly. Freyja struggled. “Stop, no!” 

Before Sandy‘s foot landed, she was kicked out of the way. 

A few bodyguards also seized the two men who were holding Freyja down. 

Colton got out of the car and slowly walked over while Freyja looked at him. “Colton…” Colton looked cold, but his tone was even colder. “Did you ignore everything that I told you?” Freyja choked. “I—” 

Sandy crawled up from the floor and laughed hysterically. “How did you get here so quickly? Do you really care for this daughter of mine? Hahaha!” 

Colton glared at her with burning eyes. “Sending you back to your country was the worst decision I‘ve ever made. You should have died in Zlokova.” 1 

His anger could be seen in his eyes. He wanted to crush this woman who tried to kill his child. 

Sandy wasn‘t afraid of him. “You‘re such a poor boy. You were loyal to this b*tch, but she only cares about Deedee. She even put your child in danger. Did you know? She even begged me to save Deedee, and I said she had to get rid of her child. Do you think she said yes?” 

Freyja was anxious, which made her chest heave. “B*llshit, I didn’t–” 

Her emotions made her belly hurt, and that made her stop talking. 

She looked toward Colton with a pale face, but his face was emotionless. 

Sandy could tell that as long as Deedee was in between them, there would be a crack, and that crack would eventually turn into a huge chasm. The suspicion of men and hesitation of women would slowly consume the trust they once had. That all fit into her plan. “Mr. Goldmann, ask her. Who would she pick between Deedee and the child she‘s carrying?” 

Freyja‘s face was pale, and she was drained of energy. 

Sandy was good at manipulation. Everything she said was piercing, and it made Colton start to suspect her. 


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