The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1106

Beatrice was a little dumbfounded.
“If you don’t believe me, you can do a CT scan of her brain. This kind of angioma isn’t hard to remove. It’s just a tiny surgery.”
As Alex spoke, his phone rang. After taking a glance, he saw that it was a call from Waltz.
She was waiting for breakfast at home. She waited for a very long time, yet he did not come back. As a result, she waited till the princess of the Stoermers, Xyla Stoermer, came over. “Senior, why didn’t you come back after buying breakfast? Did you get lost outside? Do you need me to fetch you?”
“Uh, something happened. I’ll be back very soon.”
“Xyla Stoermer has come. She said she needed to tell you something important. We’ll wait for you at home!”
Alex’s heart jolted.
He had officially appointed Xyla as the president’s personal assistant for the Southern California Business Association. She was in charge of all matters in SCBA. She was the daughter of Zayn Stoermer from the Stoermers of Michigan. Her status and network of contacts were unusual. Even if she were appointed for a personal assistant’s tiny role, the members of SCBA would not dare to make a ruckus.
And Alex let her step in earlier to discuss the Sky Tower project with the officials of Michigan. As he thought about it, the important thing mentioned by Xyla should be related to the Sky Tower.
After agreeing to it, Alex bid farewell to the few women. Anyway, the angioma in Claire’s brain was not a fatal disease. She had been living fine without any issue for so many years, so it did not matter if it were to be left for another few more days or a few days less. He would definitely have to discuss with Dorothy how to handle it in the end.
After Alex left, Cheryl left as well.
Claire immediately asked Beatrice a barrage of questions, especially the blood on her body.
Beatrice’s face flushed. “Mom, I’m fine. It’s Alex who saved me, or else I would be in trouble! ”
Then, she told her every last detail of the incident with some embellishment, especially highlighting Alex’s heroic deeds for risking his life to save her. He was almost beaten to death by four zombies to protect her.
When Claire heard it, she was dumbfounded yet furious. “These Rockefellers really deserve to die ten thousand times. They should have their entire family annihilated. They actually came up with such a vicious plan! Hmph, all of this was caused by this ungrateful Alex Rockefeller. If it weren’t for him, Carol Rockefeller would have targeted our family.”
Beatrice was very upset as she said, “Don’t you talk about Bro Alex like this. He was just trying to save me! Mom, let me tell you. Bro Alex is Mask that I talked about last time. Back then at Daya Stoermer’s concert, in the hotel where I was drugged by Spark Rockefeller and Eastward Island where a man almost raped me, it was Alex who saved me after transforming into Mask. I told you, why would Mask save me without any reason? It turned out that he’s Alex Rockefeller.”
Claire was dumbfounded after hearing it. Beatrice had never told her about all these things.
If she had not told her, then she would not know what happened to her daughter. Her daughter had experienced so many crises of life and death.
“Y-you damn brat, why didn’t you tell me earlier? Can’t you just know your place and stay at home? If you didn’t chase after celebrities nor goof around outside, would such a thing happen?”
“I think you’ve sinned. You just wouldn’t give up unless you have an egg thrown at your face! And that Alex Rockefeller, I don’t think he has goodwill. He couldn’t sleep with your sister, so he wants to sleep with you instead.”
Beatrice devoted herself to speak for her sweetheart Alex, yet she was lectured by her mother instead. She was so furious that her chest started to ache. “Bro said you have a brain disease. I think you are sick. Fine, I’m deigning to even talk nonsense with you. I’ll call Sis.”
At the same time, Noah Rockefeller and his family escaped from the villa and successfully avoided Aunt Rockefeller’s pursuit.
However, it did not take long before Noah received a call from his property saying that there was an extremely great fire in their villa and the fire protection system inside could not extinguish the fire. The security guards of the property used the fire hydrants for emergency use, fire extinguishers, and other tools to extinguish the fire, but they still could not put out the fire. The flame could not be extinguished no matter what, as if it was not afraid of water. It only extinguish ed naturally until the entire villa was burned out.
Upon hearing it, Noah was so furious that his eyes were about to pop out of their sockets. “Alex Rockefeller, you are too much!”
On the other hand, Levi Bayer called Witch Doctor Sect and said grimly, “Dad, the Four Great Ghost Servants are gone!”
He heard the sound of someone vomiting blood on the other end of the phone.


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