The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 2018

Chapter 2018 

Freyja knew that from the beginning. 

She had let her feelings take over during that drunken night. Maybe it was just as her mother had said, and she didn‘t deserve to be happy. She couldn‘t leave Deedee, which became an obstacle between them. This might just be the best ending. She closed her eyes and swallowed the pain. “Colton, I‘ll have the child.” Colton looked sullen. “What do you mean by that?” Freyja looked like she was drained of blood, and her smile was hollow and weak, as if she had fallen into a black hole. “You‘ll be a good father. The child will be happy if they are with you.” “Freyja Pruitt!” Colton grabbed her tightly, and the veins on the back of his hands popped up. “If this was what you wanted, did you find it amusing to play with my feelings for the past three years?” Freyja lay on the edge of the bed while his expression was unreadable. “You would give up your own child for Deedee. You feel sorry that she‘s an orphan, but what about the child you‘re carrying? You want them not to have a mother too?” She froze, but her hand shook. 

Freyja took deep breaths, and her tears kept falling. The nanny stood at the door and spoke. “Sir, the hospital called ” Colton glared toward the door with such a sharp gaze that the nanny didn‘t finish what she wanted to say. 

He let go of Freyja and left after slamming the door. 

The nanny watched Colton go downstairs and looked back at Freyja, who was lying in bed, then sighed. “Ma‘am, when people are in love, both parties need to make sacrifices and understand each other. Mr. Goldmann cares so much about you and your child, but what you did really broke his heart.” 

Freyja‘s heart felt as if it was cut open and bled profusely. She felt as if she had dried up and sat there, feeling numb for a long time. 

Colton got to the hospital when the bodyguard reported Deedee‘s situation to him. “The doctor said that she had a slight concussion. There was bleeding in her head, and she has to stay in the hospital for a while since she’s so young.” Colton nodded with no expression. “Where‘s Mrs. Pruitt?” He replied, “We have her and are waiting for your instructions.” Colton turned around. “Send two people to stay at the hospital, then bring me to see Mrs. Pruitt.” 

Sandy was held in a dilapidated house on the outskirts of town. All her belongings and phone had been taken away, and there was a guard outside. There was no way she could escape. The door of the room opened, and Colton walked in. Sandy scoffed. “You‘re illegally detaining a foreign citizen. If something happens to me, you‘re not going to get out of this.” Colton pulled out a chair. “You got here illegally, and we detained you. If we hand you over to the police, do you think they will take action against you or me?” 

Sandy‘s smile faded. 

Colton placed a bag that contained her belongings next to his feet, which included her phone.” I‘m sure you wouldn‘t want to go to prison.” “Prison?” Sandy clenched her jaw. “Even if I got in here illegally, I didn‘t hurt anyone. What reason would you have to send me to prison?” 1 He lazily raised his brows. “What if Deedee dies?” Sandy‘s expression changed. “What… No! That‘s impossible!” She had just kicked her, and Deedee had still been breathing. And hadn‘t Colton sent her to the hospital?


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