The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1107

At Witch Doctor Sect, Gunni Bayer, who found out that the Four Great Ghost Servants were all killed, was so enraged that he vomited three liters of blood right there and then.
After a while, he chided on the other end, “You b*stard, what kind of existence did you offend out there? Do you know how much time, energy, and resource I have spent to refine the Four Great Ghost Servants? Damn, it’s more than enough for me to use those to raise four sons, but you got them all killed at once? Why didn’t you just die?!”
Levi had never seen his father so angry. His hands shivered in shock his phone almost fell to the ground.
At this time, he hurriedly said, “Dad, I didn’t cause trouble outside. It’s because of that Alex Rockefeller, the man who’s called the Immortal Doctor by the best imperial doctor in America. I didn’t expect him to have such a high level of martial cultivation. Even the Four Great Ghost Servants were no match for him.”
Gunni went silent for a long time. Perhaps he was wiping his blood on the other end.
Then, he said, “Immortal Doctor’s Legacy itself contains supreme martial art techniques. Back then, Guilherme Extraordinaire was not only a martial expert, but he’s also a Cultivation Guru, and his sorceries were boundless. How else could he leave behind his soul after death, waiting for his descendants? But, the Four Great Ghost Servants of our Witch Doctor Sect were extraordinary existences. Their bodies were as hard as diamond. How did he kill the Ghost Servants?”
Levi immediately recounted the scene of Alex killing Third Ghost with a blade’s slash.
In the end, he said, “Dad, I guess he has a treasured sword that could cut iron like mud. Moreover, it’s a flexible sword, and it’s usually tied around his waist…”
Before he could finish speaking, Gunni chided, “Idiot!”
“That’s not a sh*tty flexible sword whatsoever, but a spiritual treasure. It’s a magic treasure hidden inside the mind palace.”
“Who would have thought that this guy is really a Cultivation Guru. Moreover, he even liberated the mind palace. I’m afraid he’s already an expert at the stage of Divine Transcendence. No wonder all the Four Great Ghost Servants were killed by him.”
Levi could not understand his father’s words at all.
Divine Transcendence whatsoever, he had never heard of it before!
However, Gunni was extremely excited after hearing it. “Don’t you care about that Alex Rockefeller for the time being. You are definitely no match for him. If you see him in the future, stay far away from him. I’ll have my way to deal with him! Who would have thought this man still has a piece of spiritual treasure. The ancestors will be interested.”
“The ancestors…”
Levi was stunned for a long time. A deep fear surfaced on his face.
Recalling the demigod like existence, he could not help but tremble.
At this time, Gunni said, “Levi, now I’ll give you another mission. From Granny Wich’s investigation earlier, it was found that now there’s news about Ganoderma built by Guilherme Extraordinaire back then. The legacy of Ganoderma has now fallen into the hands of a person called James Coney. And this James Coney is currently in California, with the title of legendary doctor of California.”
Levi immediately said, “James Coney? Where is he? I’ll capture him right away.”
Gunni scolded, “Dumbass!”
“We need to pay attention to the methods if we ever want to take the Immortal Doctor’s Legacy. If we could directly snatch it, would my Witch Doctor Sect still lose Immortal Doctor’s Legacy for several hundreds of years? I would have snatched it ages ago! How could Guilherme Extraordinaire didn’t think of this? He must have done tricks on the Legacy’s Origin.”
“Huh? Then, what should we do?”
Gunni said, “Granny Wich inquired about a piece of information. James Coney has a granddaughter called Cheryl Coney. You should start with his granddaughter. Once you‘ve married her, you’ll be the inheritor of Ganoderma, and you must acquire the Legacy’s Origin from the Coney family. Go and prepare yourself. I’ll let someone take you to the Coney family tonight for a marriage proposal! Your mission is to find out the secrets inside the Legacy’s Origin!”
The call ended.
Levi was a little dazed. Never did he expect that his father would arrange such a mission for him.
“Young Master Bayer!”
Carol came over while holding the haunting baby. “Now, all the Four Great Ghost Servants are dead. Did your father arrange stronger experts to come to California and help us to capture Alex Rockefeller?”
Levi had an annoyed expression. Recalling himself being scolded harshly by his father because of the Ghost Servants’ death, his mood did not get better. “That Rockefeller guy is too powerful. We can‘t defeat him for the time being. If we see him in the future, we should walk away.”


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