The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 1108

“What? We still have to avoid him?” Carol was upset all of a sudden. “That b*stard always makes things difficult for my Rockefeller family. Our Rockefeller Group was almost forced to bankruptcy by him. And, we still have to avoid him? Isn’t your Witch Doctor Sect full of skilled masters? Why can’t you even deal with such trash?”
Levi raised his hand and landed a slap across Carol’s face. “B*tch, you’re not qualified to criticize the matters of my Witch Doctor Sect. If it weren‘t for your bum steer on getting the Rockefeller guy’s sis-in-law to replace your sister’s legs, the Four Great Ghost Servants wouldn’t have died. What do you think you are?”
Carol took a few steps back. Her face was full of malice.
The haunting baby in her embrace seemed to be able to feel her emotions. With a whoosh, he opened his mouth, revealing a mouthful of sharp teeth. He then pounced on Levi and bit him.
However, Levi was not like Noah Rockefeller. He waved his hand, landing it hard on the haunting baby’s head.
A terrible scream was heard. The haunting baby fell to the ground, screaming terribly.
Levi viciously said, “Take care of your little brute. Or else, I don’t mind turning him into a pile of rotten meat.”
Carol picked up the haunting baby and turned her body sideways. A dense, vicious chill flashed in her eyes.
She secretly swore, ‘Wait till I have successfully advanced my Peach Blossom Demon Scripture, I’ll kill you first, and swallow both your energy cores and blood! I’ll make you live in utter misery!’
Levi glance coldly at Carol.
He did not care about her at all. Initially, he was just using her former familial relationship with Alex to come together to California. Moreover, he used and enjoyed her when he was lonely. At least, this woman’s coquetry was indeed very ordinary.
‘But, if you ever try to take advantage of me, I won’t mind killing you!’
Levi turned around and left.
His father said that someone would bring him to propose marriage. He just had to wait for the phone call without caring about anything else.
At this moment, Alex returned to Rockefeller Manor. He saw Xyla Stoermer.
Xyla went straight to the point. “Alex, I think there’s a bit of a problem with the Sky Tower project.”
She only found out about it after getting in touch with it.
Alex handed a glass of milk tea. “Pray tell.”
Xyla said, “When I was in Michigan these few days, I saw the initiator of the project and talked about it. Do you know who the designer of this Sky Tower is? Moreover, this design drawing can’t have any alteration.”
Alex had briefly discussed this issue with Charles Carter before.
For such a huge construction project, the design drawing must have come from a well-known design institute.
However, Xyla shook her head and said, “You must have never imagined that he’s a cultivator. To be precise, he’s a master of astrology! Why would a master of astrology build a 550 meter high Sky Tower on top of Caesar’s tomb?”
Alex frowned as he gently tapped on the tabletop. This matter was indeed intriguing.
“Who’s the cultivator?”
Xyla said, “I haven’t found out the details yet. The opponent is secretive. Besides, I even saw Wayne Larsen, the magistrate of Michigan. The approval of the Sky Tower can’t bypass him, but now he has encountered a problem. And, this problem is from the Sky Tower.”


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